Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On 9/11

It seems to me that my interpretation of and reaction to 9/11 changes every year.  Like everyone, I will always remember where I was and what I was doing the Day the World Changed. Some years ago, I wrote:
On that bright Tuesday morning, I was out of the office at a small company that we contracted to do some testing on our radios.  As the technician and I were setting up the test, the company's secretary/receptionist came in and said the local radio station had a bulletin that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center.  My first reaction, perhaps strangely, was that radio navigation systems can't be that wrong, it must have been a terrible accident.  Act of war did not enter my mind.  As the morning went on, a TV set was put in place and large antenna hooked up outside (there are no local over the air TV channels).  We watched the second plane hit and quickly realized this was no accident.  That's when the thoughts of Pearl Harbor and other acts of war started.  I've heard it credited to Ian Fleming as his character Auric Goldfinger, but the saying goes, "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action".  And so it appeared that day. 

In the days that followed, I learned that friends were affected by the events of 9-11, but weren't involved.  A co-worker was on business at Boeing, and had to rent a car to drive home.  A very close friend was waiting at JFK airport to fly home, and saw the attacks in real time.  He also had to rent a car and drive home.  A cousin lives within viewing distance and watched it. And now I have friends who have sons in the armed forces in Afghanistan, and others who have been in Iraq.  We need to remember we are at war, even if our enemy isn't a convenient nation-state.  You can pretend we're not at war if you'd like, but if someone swears to destroy you, it's prudent to believe them.
In all, I'm a mix of responses.   The first group of feelz is "remember the fallen", "remember the first responders who ran into the buildings", "remember the dead and wounded servicemen, the ones who came back with missing limbs, or injuries that can't be seen" and "remember their families".  The second group of feelz is along the lines expressed best by Aesop at Raconteur Report in his excellent post: "Every Day is 9/11. That's Exactly the Problem".

Despite successes on various battlefields, and serious reductions in the capability of the other side, the fact remains that this is not a fight that's over.  It doesn't even appear to be a fight with a prospect of going away, at least as it's being conducted.  Perhaps the right response should have been MIRVs taking out Mecca, Medina and more - turning much of the muslim world to radioactive glass.  As others have said, the other side in this war is determined to play the long game and to destroy Western Civilization.  Proof?  Look at pretty much all of western Europe, with the one or two exceptions that aren't allowing "refugees".  The west, mostly led by the postmodernists determined to destroy western civilization themselves, don't seem particularly interested in trying to stop the muslims.  Proof?  Look at pretty much all of the west. 

Much like the joke about lawyers, the bad Muslims give the other 1% a bad name.

But we know where talking about carrying out a genocide leads; we have the history of the times it has been tried.  Heck, there are calls now for killing all the whites, and I'm sure if you listened more than I care to you you'd find calls for the genocide of all sorts of folks.  Without an effort to drastically curtail their efforts to destroy western civilization, this low level crap will go on for the next 1400 years as it has for the last 1400 - or until they win.  The only times it has slowed in the last 1400 years was when someone ("Charles Martel, Ferdinand of Spain, Vlad The Hero, and the entire interred Knights of Malta" as Aesop put it) responded brutally to brutal attacks.

Imagine you were in those buildings.  It's a normal workday, maybe you had the usual morning rush, getting your kids off to school.  All normal.  You get to work, get settled into your place, start digging into whatever sort of problems your job has you solving.  Just like every other day.  Suddenly, because of a 7th century mandate, as interpreted by a nutjob in a cave half a world away, your building shakes.  Pretty soon it's on fire.  You try for the stairs but can't get there, the stairwell is choked with flames and smoke.  You're trapped.  The fire is getting worse.  There's nobody coming to help you that can give a tiny bit of hope.  The only way out is death.  But staying where you are is being burned to death.  Which way do you take?  Do you burn to death, slowly, agonizingly, or jump and get it over with in one moment, after a long fall to think about it? 


  1. The "solution" to Islam is simple, but not easy. There are three options.
    1. Surrender, followed by slavery and death.
    2. Kill them all, everywhere, with not a single ounce of mercy.
    3. Drive them out of our lands, and quarantine them in theirs. Forever.

    1. simple, but not easy and none of them particularly good.

      If you take those approaches, like chemotherapy for cancer, every single cell has to be destroyed, and again like chemotherapy, that's extraordinarily hard. In the body, the immune system gets rid of the last cells.

      In general, ideas are very hard to destroy.

  2. And yet we daily suffer the foolish (or is it petulance?) delusion of politicians and even certain of our fellow citizenry to import moar refugees, immigrants, migrants - whatever you want to call them from areas that are hotbeds of the belief system that spawned these acts.

  3. The hijackers on the airplanes were the most immediate cause of the buildings collapsing. But is it all that relevant that they were Muslim, or merely that they were a different religion or race from most of America, just like it wasn't important what particular religions or races people had in subcontinental India or Africa who were fighting back against British colonialism?

    There were about 20 hijackers, and 1.5 billion Muslims. That's a ratio of 75 million Muslims per hijacker. If you claim all Muslims want to see Americans bombed, then by similar ratios you ought to claim all Americans support the Unibomber, McVeigh, and whoever shot at the music festival from the hotel in Vegas. If instead you don't believe all Americans support the Unibomber, then you shouldn't believe all Muslims approve of bombing Americans. The mainstream news is likely to show you the most extreme 'death to the great satan' protest signs of the most extreme Muslims. Sure, those particular Muslims believe it, but maybe there's only a few thousand of them worldwide? If the number of mad bomber Muslims are small enough they are better treated with ordinary police work and mental health confinements, that doesn't support huge tax payments to defense contractors to LARP the Crusades. How many planned American mad bomber crimes has the FBI foiled, that weren't solved because a family member turned the mad bomber in? None? This is a sampling method to determine the total number of American mad bomber plans in the wild, and that number appears to be tiny. Consider American electrical substation transformers as another sampling method for the base rate of mad bomber plots from any race/religion/county. If people hated Americans that much, thousands of transformers would at this moment be disabled because their casings were shot full of holes. How many Muslims in the mad bomber plots which are caught turn out to be commando soldiers, sane and balanced individuals with a battle plan using effective military methods? And how many turn out to be the shoe bomber, who needs a psych evaluation to see if they are even sane enough to stand trial?

    The west, mostly led by the postmodernists determined to destroy western civilization themselves, don't seem particularly interested in trying to stop the muslims.

    These postmodernist leaders were a less immediate cause of the buildings collapsing; they prevented military fighter aircraft from forcing down or shooting down the hijacked aircraft before they could do more damage. Think about how many American traitors had to act, in order to stop the defensive response from fighter pilots and allow the second tower to be hit.

    The average America voters and citizens who elect and obey the postmodernist leaders were also a less immediate cause. The postmodernist leaders would have no power if followers didn't obey them. For example, Hitler was a hazard nutcase. When you saw him ranting on the streetcorner you're supposed to hope he gets mental healthcare; you most certainly don't set him up behind a podium obey him.

    In conclusion, Muslims are not the problem; obedient American citizens are the problem.


    1. Aesop said:

      Natzsofast, Guido...

      "The hijackers on the airplanes were the most immediate cause of the buildings collapsing."
      Oh wait, and the hundred to thousands of mujahideen in Al Qaeda from whence they sprang.
      And the hundreds of madrassas and mosques that spawned, nurtured and succored them, while grooming thousands to tens of thousands more.
      And every muslim who contributed a single drachma to AQ, until their kitty had tens of millions of $$, for both that attack, and jihad in general, which paid for their plane tickets, training, and hundreds of terrorist training cells and camps from Morocco to Mogadishu to Mindanao.
      And the mosques and madrassas those people attended, who told them jihad is good, and the cause is just and holy.

      In fact, most of the conflict in the world, recent and current, is directly attributable to Muslims who just can't work and play well with anyone, even themselves.

      Blackhawk Down, starving Somalia? Muslims.
      Sudan? Muslims
      Dhofar? Muslims
      Nigeria? Muslims
      Chechenya? Muslims
      Iran-Iraq? Muslims v. Muslims
      Yemen? Muslims
      India-Pakistan? Muslims
      Tamil? Muslims
      Myanmar? Muslims
      Southern Philippines? Muslims
      Sudden Jihadi Syndrome™ all over the US and Europe? Muslims
      Rapefugees from Germany to Scandinavia? Muslims
      "Asians" raping hundreds of British girls in Rotherham for a decade? Muslims
      Riots in Paris, London, Germany? Muslims
      Libya? Muslims
      Egypt? Muslims
      Syria? Muslims
      Israel? Muslims
      Gaza? Muslims
      Lebanon? Muslims
      Bosnia? Muslims

      For crying out loud, if it weren't for the Unabomber, Tim McVeigh, and the PIRA (all retired, BTW) and of course whackjob Dear Leader Kim in Norkistan, and narco-cartels in Mexico and South America, Team Mo has had absolutely the entire war & terrorism business monopolized, and sewn up, and has, for about the last 45 years, since the end of the Vietnam War.

      So, just spitballing, but that looks to me to be as little as 99% of worldwide Islam was down for that attack, and possibly even more of them.

      But hey, if you've got a hard-on for post-modernism, show your work, and we can send them some love via B-52 as well.

      Or, since most of that problem is academia, the media, and the real estate within 5 miles of the US capitol, we could just send it to them via FedEx, in 10# C-4 packages, rather than Arc Lighting whole city blocks.
      I'm fine with that. Have the CIA call Fed Ex, and we could start shipping it overnight express by tomorrow.

      But you don't get to try to downplay the world's Islam problem, and then spin the table around, and make the people who got victimized on 9/11 the ones to blame for it.

      Maybe not practicing your street magic at the Braille Center...
      Try in front of an audience that can see you work.

      Just a suggestion.

    2. Anonymous: I will second the previous rebuttal, and add the TL;DR version:

      You're either evil or a nutjob. Which one is it?

      Either you know the truth, and choose to spread lies; or you don't know the truth yet have to spout wacky opinions like the Flat Earth society.

      "You shall know the tree by the fruit it bears." Islam is at war with the entire rest of the world, and has been for 1400 years. There is war at every point of contact between Islam and non-Islam.

      Islam is the problem.

  4. Look at it from the Muslim side. Christians have been just as imperialist as Muslims, and in the last 200 years, far more successful at it. Fred Reed had a nice list of countries which Christians recently took away from Muslims.

    Christians do not get a privileged moral position in their great game conflict with Muslims just because they're the home team. Moral rules are supposed to be universal across all humans, that's part of what differentiates them from merely your political party's policies. You're discarding that and just cheering for your football team.

    If you're going to complain about Muslim taxpayers and churchgoers funding government imperialism, you similarly have to complain about Christian taxpayers and churchgoers funding government imperialism.

    Sudden Jihadi Syndrome™ all over the US and Europe? / Muslim Rapefugees from Germany to Scandinavia? / "Asians" raping hundreds of British girls in Rotherham for a decade? / Riots in Paris, London, Germany?

    These are criminal offenses by Muslims. But the offenses are allowed to persist and repeat because the native liberals do gun control and political correctness. If these criminal attackers were shot on the spot by their victims, these particular attacks would end and other attacks would be discouraged. Who prevents shooting the attackers? Not Muslims!

  5. By an overwhelmingly large percentage, the people who make war against Americans are American natives. They are busy implementing a new Trail of Tears by making energy, healthcare, housing, education, cars, etc. too expensive to have. Imagine the WWII propaganda posters if these destructive results had been achieved by Germans or Japanese.


    Government structures of rules produce enemy-type results. Maybe they were designed, implemented, and promoted by enemies? Self-loathing is a very common mental illness today, just as common as syphilis and tuberculosis used to be. Self-loathing synergizes with great ape/chimpanzee troop genetically transmitted political instincts to produce what are, functionally, enemies. Most humans want to organize in hierarchies, to do you in. This is what the non-rational portions of their brains are telling them to do.

    Muslims are a distraction from American liberal attacks. Muslims are not a militarily plausible enemy. Muslims did not prevent American fighter planes from forcing or shooting down the hijacked airliners before they could cause more deaths.