Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a Convenient Breaking Point

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  As is virtually always the case, no blogging tomorrow as I take the day to go down to visit my brother in South Florida.  He always does up a big Thanksgiving spread and it's good to get together.

What do I mean by "convenient breaking point"?  Do you recall me mentioning adding a different optical sensor to my CNC lathe, with the ultimate goal of having that do all my little threading jobs?  I've spent the time since then modeling and then making the parts to make it happen.  I changed the approach I was planning to use; instead of mounting the sensor on a metal bracket attached to the lathe headstock, I've moved the mounting to the plywood base the lathe sits on.  Today, I completed all the parts and test mounted them.  The real mounting, wiring, and getting it all working starts after the break, possibly Saturday.  (A description of the disk, the sensor (in turquoise) and how this all works was back in late October.  Third paragraph up from the end.)

The lathe and all the parts on it were a CAD model I got from somewhere long ago (like 2004 or '05).  Every dimension I've checked is accurate, and now I need to double check dimensions on a piece or two of mine because it ends up being too short and interfering with something.

This is a test fit.  I'll use it to mark up the bottom of the flat-bottomed U-shaped piece and the plywood to mount this to the plywood base.  Then starts the wiring and the process of convincing the controller software to do what I want.

All five of the pieces together.  The large U bracket was done on the big mill while the two rotationally symmetric parts were done on the micro mill rotary table.  To hold the hub and disk (left) on the small rotary table, required a special tool that I had to make yesterday

Ignore the two short cylinders at the top of this frame.  Those are a graphite and a cold rolled steel version of the pistons for my Duclos flame eater engine.  Just extra pars (junk) now.

However you spend your Thanksgiving, I wish you the best.  Take some time to be deliberately thankful - even for the troubles of life.  Yeah, being grateful for troubles sounds odd, but it sure seems in retrospect that growth occurs in response to trouble, not in response to idyllic wonderfulness.


  1. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, SiG.

    We'll be up in Wyoming with the clan getting stuffed.

  2. Enjoy the family time, and you are 100 percent right about troubling times causing growth.

    The disk seems to be asking for one of those spiral designs that jet engines have on their spinners.
    On the other hand, it's unlikely that bird strikes in your shop will ever be an issue, and the risks of self hypnosis while operating machine tools is a bad thing.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And safe travels on the highways and byways. Never forget that our snowbird friends have started to arrive, and your journey will be in their midst. And never forget that they still remember that Florid Commission on Tourism motto:

    "Florida—The Rules Are Different Here"

    and act accordingly during their entire stay...