Friday, January 22, 2021

How Quickly The Images Return

Remember the recurrent imagery of Barack Obama as if he had a halo?  Talked about here in the first year of this blog, in 2010 which was the second year of the Obamanation.   Images like this were everywhere.  Obama with some back lighting like this or something that was more halo than background.

Back when I posted this, I captioned it, “White House photo - doing their part to feed the messianic image.  An excellent summary of some of the messianic imagery is here.”  Surprisingly, the link is still there and while it has its share of dead links, it has plenty of images to show what I'm talking about.

So what?  This week, The Blaze showed this image from the current issue of Jacobin, a magazine of the Democratic Socialists of America.  Nope.  No links from me. I don't want to give them even one hit of traffic.

Looks like we're instantly back in the regressive days of the Obamanoids.  The center figure, bigger than all the rest, is Biden.  Partly reminiscent of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, but I'm sure intended to be Jesus.  In fact, if Biden is Jesus, above his head at the apex of the picture you find Obama.  Higher than Jesus?  Obama must be God!  Just below God, but higher than Biden, we find the Hildebeest; the Billary Clintons.  To his left from this view, we find Mario Cuomo and since he seems to be in supplication to someone in a white lab coat and holding a bottle of an injectable something, the white-coated guy must be Dr. Fauci.  To his right we find Comrades Pelosi and Schumer kneeling in reverence. 

The next level down, but still with halos and angel wings, must be news media.  Note the Twitter logos alongside Biden's knees and his ears.  On the right we see an interviewer and camera operator.  On the left, we see a group reading a book.  It's shame the title isn't legible.  Below Biden, well that's us commoners, just deplorable normies. Notice everyone above the very bottom has angel's wings.  Media hacks, doctors, corruptocrats, all get angel wings.  Workers who pay taxes to support all those parasites?  Not so much.

Note at the top, on either side of God, we find stylized military drones.  The better to smite you with! 

There have been many photos showing Biden with something that resembled a halo, like this one, but it takes an insane artist to produce something like the Jacobin cover.   

We're off to a gut-wrenching start with various voices on the left and in the administration vowing to deprogram anyone more conservative than Stalin, or worse than deprogram.  There was that lawyer from PBS (now unemployed) who said the should take all children of GOP voters and send them to re-education camps.  We've had the introduction of a bunch of irrational policy changes.  It's looking like the middle of the Obama administration all over again.  

If I think about it, I throw up a little.


  1. Why do they insist on creating an image ththat carries an angelic suggestion
    when their base is compromised of atheists?

    Is that something like the reason they try so hard to make meat substitutes look like meat?

    1. On that website linked under the Obama photograph, with lots of angelic images, they even have an "Obama is God" reference. Other than "mental illness", I can't answer that first one.

      Ever notice how the vegetarians try like crazy to make vegetables look and taste like meat, going so far as to put beet juice in the Impossible Burgers to look like blood, but nobody in history has ever tried to make meat taste like vegetables?

    2. I correct myself. Arby's did it.

  2. That Jacobin thing was enough to make me want to puke.

    Praying for God's mercy.

    Be safe and God bless.

  3. I looked pretty close at that image, and I don't see that harris woman anywhere.

  4. Howcumizzitt I never saw that? That's funny.

  5. Propaganda is kind of like artillery. Just keep firing for effect. Eventually you'll hit something important.

  6. Just wait until the next Magic Mulatto takes the White House after old, senile Joe is shunted off to the side and forgotten. Female ! Half Black ! Holy holy holy !

  7. Well “some” think you are just clueless as to irony and dark humor as it were...

  8. The book title you asked about is “white fragility” link to better image:
    Did you notice that everyone above the rabble is unmasked? Three at the lowest level are unmasked, all younger, and all “people of color.” No Kamala anywhere, which is interesting.
    The most disturbing part to me is the deification of immoral people, entire enterprises that are dedicated to lies and perception management, while acting as the protectors of truth. Sick.