Sunday, May 16, 2021

Take 2

Take 2 of it being a good day for looking up, that is.  

With not much else going on, I spent much of the day working on odds and ends around the house - those of you with older houses know that never ends - and waiting for a chance to capture anything from the airshow. There were no chances until late in the day when the Blue Angels flew again.

Both of these taken this afternoon.  Cropped from the originals with attempts to reduce digital grain (noise) and stretch the exposure a bit for more details in each picture.

Taken with a Canon T6i DSLR using a Sigma 70 to 300mm zoom held at maximum and trying to fix the focus at infinity.  I had some problems with that yesterday; when I held the camera with lens facing down, the focus would shift, ruining a bunch of pictures.  An impromptu attempt to fix that with blue painter's tape helped but probably not as much as just being aware it was happening and checking focus more often. 


  1. Excellent! There's a UFO picture joke in here somewhere.

  2. That is good work under challenging photo conditions.

    There is a trick to pre-focus auto lenses, but right now my brain is just shrugging and won't supply any answer.
    Hyper something or the other?

    1. If you figure it out, let me know.

      I tell myself the lens is kind of a bottom end telephoto zoom and a better lens would be a big improvement. It's just that I think I've used it once a year for the air shows and then not at all when the shows stopped.