Friday, January 28, 2022

Not Past Its Expiration Date

I regularly run a cartoon or two before the "Best Used By" date - after I've had them on my drive for a while.   

This one is much fresher.  As in yesterday's.  From Margolis&Cox.

The age of meritocracy is formally over.  Everything will now be intersectionality.  


  1. Imagine how the nominee will feel forever, knowing they were picked as nothing but a liberal Token Diversity Hire.

    The soft racism of substandard expectations: Democrat policy since...Ever.

  2. Silver lining:
    can't get that much further left than the one it's replacing

  3. "Imagine how the nominee will feel forever"
    Most of the diversity hires that I have known wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it. (I deserve it) It's the minorities that are proud of their accomplishments, made principally by themselves that are pissed.

  4. Don't know who the pick will be but I'm pretty sure they'll make flaming liberal Breyer look positively conservative.....

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