Tuesday, November 15, 2022

About That Red Wave or Tsunami

Two old jokes come to mind.  I think this is either Cheech and Chong or George Carlin.  Or at least most of it is.

Are you bothered by that annoying bloody, drip, drip, drip of gonorrhea? 

Some sort of disease that causes blood dripping out of a body part you never, ever want to see blood dripping from*. 

The other one was a comedy bit on bad product names.  

When you're looking for relief, look for Painful Rectal Itch. 

Again, a bloody, Painful Rectal Itch. 

And that's all I'm gonna say about that. 

Florida was the laughing stock of the country back in Bush vs Gore, with the hanging chads and overworked auditors looking at the ballot cards.  All of that hoopla was in a few solid blue counties in south Florida.  When the mandatory recount was completed and published, lots of the counties (like mine) had zero or practically zero change in vote numbers.  It got fixed.  The most solid blue county in the state, Broward County, had their supervisor of elections fired by (then Governor) Rick Scott for not complying.  Broward and a few other counties tried to keep elections corrupt and were dragged kicking and screaming into compliance with real election processes in the last few years.  This year, Florida's votes were counted and the results were certified early on election night. 

I have no doubt I could put up a couple of dozen memes about corruption on Pennsylvania, Michigan or Arizona, if not a couple of  hundred memes.  Instead, I leave you with this from Tom Stiglich.


  1. It's definitely outside of the circle.

  2. That about covers it.

    Notable is that FL elections were rightfully a laughingstock precisely because of all the shenanigans around Miami in 2000.
    Now, the same is true of half a dozen states in the same predicament, but notably not including FL any longer, because they fixed that crapshow.

    This is the way.

    1. Actually, you can thank the Cuban-Americans in South Florida for fixing that crapshow. They have had enough of Communism, and refuse to vote for same. And those who have Lenin and Stalin as their Messiahs have not recently been able to generate enough fraud, corruption, and treason to "outvote" them.

  3. AZ *might* be a dogfight. Impound all machines, recount by hand.

    1. As long as we keep rewarding the cheaters instead of punishing them, we'll keep getting it. Tar and feathers still sounds good.

    2. Or a firing squad.

  4. Cheech'n'Chong - Peter Rooter (that's the name...)

    Saturday Night Live - "With a name like 'Painful Rectal Itch', it's gotta be good! Probably not what you're thinking of - that was from a skit doing a play on a Smuckers' commercial.

    Last I knew, there are still unresolved issues with AZ from 2020. I ain't holding my breath for that.

    1. I bow deeply in your direction. Or I would if I know which way to bow.

      I remember it now.
      Try Peter Rooter, that's the name
      And flush your troubles down the drain.
      Rotten Peter! Rotten Peter! Rotten Peter!

  5. What happened with the hanging chads was far less scandalous than happened/happens in Chicago every election cycle. How many times has Chitown numbers flipped elections statewide and nationwide?

    Really, the bad ballot format and the hanging chads were low-level chicanery when compared to fixed voting machines that counted 1 in 10 for the other guy, or miss-printed ballots that left 'the wrong candidate' off of them (and never got officially challenged or how people in nursing homes (including those in comas) seem to always vote 100% Democratic.

    What made the Broward ballots so bad was that they showed that the news media (anyone remember Dan Blather calling Florida before the Panhandle, containing key military votes, was finished voting. Right around the time so many service members got off duty) and the Democratic party were colluding to throw the election to Gore.

    So, really, nothing has changed in over 22 years. Media and the DNC, hand in hand, selecting and filtering candidates in both parties (really, how did John McCain win the nomination when he was doing so poorly at the beginning?)

    What really brought out the ire of the media and the DNC was that the Florida Governor and other officials openly challenged the steal and proved the media and DNC were actively trying to steal.

    1. While I unreservedly applaud the changes that negated the attempts, I notice no hangings, nor even jail time AFAIK, for any bit of that. Ever.

      Just saying.

    2. And that is the problem.

      Did you see 2000 Mules, Dinesh D'Sousa's film?

      The only person I know of that was jailed for any of the things uncovered in that film was Catherine Englebrecht, head of "True the Vote" that explained what happened. Also her IT director (or something like that) who handled the technical side. Can't think of his name.

      So the two people who did the most to uncover the evidence were jailed in the last month for not revealing the name of a confidential source who helped them out.

      Nobody faking ballots or any of the real crimes has even been questioned, AFAIK. Just the good guys.

    3. Don't forget that under the halfrican, the IRS toyed with Englebrect as they sought to prevent her from founding True The Vote.

      The light of truth is kryptonite to the socialists.

  6. When you only have one rule to follow....WIN! By any means necessary than cheating is just another tool in your repertoire. The left cheats. It's what they do...and have been doing since Boss Tweed a century and a half ago. And since they never face any consequences for doing so they have no reason to stop and every reason to continue and expand their cheating. They now own EVERY mechanism tasked with holding them legally accountable. That means they will never stop cheating....ever.