Thursday, November 10, 2022

Another Odds and Ends Day

Nicole:  While we never lost power or internet, it wasn't a typical kind of day or a typical 48 hours.  I don't believe that the official records showed sustained winds over about 60 mph.  I was up at 4AM at my cat Mojo's insistence and the rains were being driven into the metal shutters by winds in that range, so the rain sounded pretty loud.  After returning to bed, it suddenly got noticeably, almost eerily quieter.  Put my glasses on, took the phone off airplane mode and looked at the Weather Underground radar.  We were just about under the northern edge of the eyewall and the southern eyewall was pretty much over Ft. Pierce.  That's around a 50 mile wide eye.  It stayed quiet after that as the winds shifted to not drive the rain into the shutters.

Today was spent waiting for it to clear up enough to go outside to do the obligatory cleanup and take down the shutters.  No real damage to the house or anything.  My vertical antenna was still as close to vertical as ever and the T6 repaired after Ian was unaffected. 

As I've said before, hurricanes are a messy pain in the ass.  As far as I know, Nicole was a hurricane from the 7 PM advisory until landfall, so maybe six hours.  It was a tropical storm up here.

And now for something completely different.  I never said anything about the idea of the Pandemic Amnesty from that woman at the Atlantic.  Frankly, I didn't have anything worthwhile to add; I would have just been another voice saying, "like hell."  Yesterday, though, I got an email that I just had to share.  Some time ago (I really don't remember) I subscribed to the OpenVAERS Red Box Report, a group that tries to extract useful information from the official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and sends out an update a couple of times per month.  I think it's OK to post their email in full, and since it dives into an enormously important area that isn't well known, it needs to be shared. 

Covid-19 vaccines were not tested in pregnant women. 

In spite of having no data, the CDC and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended Covid-19 shots for pregnant women.

But as soon as these shots rolled out it was apparent that they can lead to reproductive harms. Women reported that periods were longer, more painful, and more irregular following Covid-19 injections and reports of miscarriage/stillbirth abounded.[1] 

Rather than investigate the matter, the FDA, CDC, and mainstream media engaged in an elaborate campaign to cover up and censor the adverse outcomes for women. 

Dr. Naomi Wolf leads a team of thousands of volunteers who are reviewing Pfizer clinical trial documents obtained by Siri Glimstad using the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, as a well known public intellectual and CEO of DailyClout she receives thousands of first-hand reports from women of reproductive harms from these shots. Yet she was permanently banned from Twitter for reporting her findings and documents obtained in discovery from a related case suggest that the White House gave the order.[2]

Facebook completely deleted a private group of over 10,000 people that was collecting stories of Reproductive and Menstrual Reactions from Covid-19 shots.[3]

Since then, numerous studies have confirmed that Dr. Wolf and others were correct in alerting the public to these dangers.[4]

Over the past several weeks at OpenVAERS we have built a separate section to document Reproductive Health Reports submitted to VAERS. Our page consists of five charts and two tables and the data tell a shocking story.

There are more reports of miscarriages/stillbirths following Covid-19 shots than for all other vaccines combined in the entire history of the vaccine program. 

There were 3,670 reports of miscarriage/stillbirth in 2021 and 1,650 reports of miscarriage/stillbirth already in 2022 following Covid-19 shots. We know that these are undercounts and that there is still a backlog of reports waiting to be processed. 

Prior to the introduction of Covid-19 shots, the HPV and flu vaccines were associated with the most reports of miscarriage and stillbirth. 

For men, there were 1,889 reports of testicular pain/swelling following Covid-19 shots which raises the possibility of reproductive harms in connection with men. The Team at DailyClout is tracking harms to male reproductive capacity as well.[5]

This is a humanitarian disaster. 

Please share this information and the attached PDF with anyone with eyes to see and ears to listen.

The OpenVAERS Team 

1. Excellent literature review by Etana Hecht:






  1. It appears that all(?) of the damage is being done by the Pfizer and (moreso the) Moderna mRNA injections. I believe the Janssen which is a vaccine by J&J has created very few problems.
    I thought that Nuremberg established the criteria for informed consent for using the sheeple as guinea pigs, but it appears that the no one in the US bureaucracy has read anything about the history of the Nazi regime and the punishments applied.

    1. Actually, the J&J not-a-vaxx has more problems, but wasn't used as widely, so less total number of problems.
      They all suck.

  2. "Trust The Science" = the inescapable conclusion is that the COVID not-a-vaxx is simply population control, from womb to tomb.

    I had pregnant co-workers who took medical leaves of absence 6 months early rather than face vaxx mandates during their pregnancies, and they followed up by refusing the shots when they returned.

    1. Hat tip or kudos to your formerly pregnant co-workers (whatever you say in you line of work). That was both a smart and difficult thing to do which shows both intelligence and character.

      With the fact that the five year survival tests that should have been run before the first dose was given to the public are now being carried out on the public, we simply don't know what the survival rate is going to be.

      Yeah, there are some statistical tricks that can be used to estimate it (Poisson's distribution) but I'd bet there's a lot more uncertainty than usual.

    2. And, who says the Gubmint is going to give out correct data, SiG? They've lied out their asses the whole time and you bet they're going to continue to go CYA Mode big time now and in the future.

  3. The new flu shots are based on the mRNA model.

    1. Which is exactly why I'm skipping a flu shot for the first time in about 30 years.

    2. Never had a flu shot after I got out of the USAF back in '76, never needed one, don't do 'em. My immune system and blood chemistry is screwed up enough as it is, and so far I've survived 'em all.

    3. False.
      This year's shots are the original recipe, quadrivalent killed virus, as always going back decades, unless you consent to be a guinea-pig beta tester for experimental mRNA vaccines all of Big Pharma is trying to roll out in the near future, and testing this year.

      When in doubt, ask to see the vial.

      They can't give you the experimental vaxx without express informed consent.

    4. Aesop,

      Don't know why, but Blogger put these comments (and only these) in some sort of suspense file and I had to specifically approve them in Comments page on Blogger's "Design" tab.

      I can't speak for Larry, but my concern is that the flu shot provider would just give it to me and not inform me, even to the point of mixing it in one shot. There are reports of people going for a flu shot and getting the Covid shot anyway. Like everything on the internet, sometimes it's hard to know what's believable.

      As long as both types of vaccine are in the refrigerator or otherwise close to each other, well, you know.

  4. Pandemic amnesty is more of the psychopathic authorities' typical screwing with the public's mind, for THEIR benefits, of course. Nothing else.

    First the psychopaths PLAN and execute a holocaustal operation called Covid-19 THEN they want to be acquitted of any wrongdoing. This criminal game is one of the key traits of psychopaths when they should be in prison lifelong without parole.

    But .. 99% of people STILL have NO clue that psychopaths are the leaders of all governments because most people prefer being asleep than awake to reality, and they have a FALSE idea of what psychopaths really are (a misdirecting brainwashing script the psychopaths have also long planned and set in place with the ignorant sleeping public) --- read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” ...

    Why do you think not a single responsible psychopathic authority ended up in jail for their planned 2008 super criminal economic collapse operation that destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world? NOW you know as you just learned a key lesson on psychopaths.

    The psychopathic leaders’ endless lying and manipulating is TOO evident in their fake “call for forgiveness” for what they supposedly didn’t know during the worst of the pandemic, that they've got published in one of their owned and controlled propaganda media outfits (“we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” []) which is a TOTAL LIE because these human monsters were NEVER "in the dark" because it was an ENTIRELY PLANNED super crime-against-humanity of theirs, which is STILL GOING ON (see first cited url).

    If you're in the US and your employer mandates the highly toxic COVID jabs, register to get a free "Medical Exemption Certificate" at

    1. After clearing Aesop's comments, above, I found yours in the same place. Sorry, I thought it posted this morning when I saw it in my notifications.

  5. Port St. John lost power from midnight Wednesday to 1:30 PM Thursday. This time it appears to have been the high voltage line instead of just transformers in the subdivision. And Spectrum came back on line about a day later.

    1. That's not bad. It's not great, but it's not bad, if you know what I mean.

      On the way to Publix yesterday, we got passed by a line up of four power company trucks with big cherry pickers going the opposite way. I didn't think to look to see if they were FPL or from out of state.