Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Middle East "Peace Process" Is Not About Peace

I have occasionally visited Sultan Knish, a blog by Daniel Greenfield.  Tonight I ended up there and find a post that made me reflect deeply on the whole "Peace Process".  "We Won't Let Terrorism Stop Us From Appeasing the Terrorists"
The media however doesn't think much of it, with multiple stories arguing that Netanyahu really doesn't want peace. Time Magazine took it further with a cover story arguing that Israel Doesn't Want Peace. Which is an inevitable assumption given that over the last two decades, Israel has turned over territory, weapons, houses, factories and cold hard cash to the terrorists. In exchange the terrorists have occasionally agreed to show up at the negotiating table, denounce Israel and demand more-- in between calling for a Jihad. Clearly Israel doesn't want peace.
Worth your time.
Photo from Sultan Knish
Yes, the photo is from Sultan Knish, but not from the posting I link to above.  You'll just have to go read this, too!

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