Thursday, September 2, 2010

Offered For Your Consideration

As Rod Serling used to say on the Twilight Zone.  Gateway Pundit hardly needs a link from me, but I found this story interesting.  It's a comparison between the way the mall was left after Saturday's Restoring Honor Rally, and after the Obama Inauguration.

After the evil conservatives left
After the inauguration
This is not isolated.  After the massive 9-12 rally last year, police were quoted as saying they had never seen the area left that clean.  And anyone who has eyes has seen how the "rent-a-mobs" pulled together by the left for protesting (e.g., G20 summits in Pittsburgh, Seattle or anywhere) trash the place.  If you want violent mobs, I'm 99% sure every single one I've ever seen was a left-wing mob. 

Now I'm not going to get all self-righteous and "our side is better than their side" on you.  It is better to be humble, not prideful.  I just know which side I'd rather be associated with. 


  1. GB... Quite true. Leaving the Honor America event and walking the mall the next day, the grounds were spotless.

  2. What more needs to be said ? Reckon we'll be cleaning up after the restoration too.

  3. I hope someone takes pictures after the big union-organized event on 10-2. That ought to be a fun comparison.