Sunday, September 26, 2010

USA - Third World Nation ?

It's arguable that our elected leaders are doing their best to make us a third world nation.  Science Czar John Holdren, for example, famously wants to "de-develop" the US.  There are plenty of more examples. 

One of the intellectual leaders of the conservative/small government movement is Victor Davis Hanson.  I read him regularly.  In this piece, Dr. Hanson shows how the peasant mentality is alive and well in the US. 

What optimistic Americans used to call a rising tide that lifts all boats is now once again derided as trickle-down economics. In other words, a newly peasant-minded America is willing to become collectively poorer so that some will not become wealthier.
The present economy suggests that it is surely getting its wish. 
This column has been getting some buzz this week, but I didn't read it until earlier today.  It's short.  Go read. 

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