Thursday, July 3, 2014

Carbon Footprints In the Sands of Time

Blog master Borepatch links to a story about some German Greenies who calculated a carbon footprint for blogging:
German greenies calculate that a blog which gets 15,000 hits or more a month (yay! we qualify!) pumps out 8 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
Well, gosh I qualify, too; Blogger tells me I get about twice that.  And as far as I can tell, they're concentrating on the electric power that all the people who drop by use in reading my blog on their computers, so they're not even counting the cubic yards of methane I generate while writing, which is a much more potent greenhouse gas!  Consequently, I've proudly posted Borepatch's graphic down below on the right sidebar.  
Along these lines, another real life silliness story: when I had to fly to Canada last summer, I flew Air Canada and their subsidiary Rouge.  We noticed that they had a calculated value for how much CO2 I was responsible for on the tickets.  I realize there's very little effort there, probably a couple of instruction cycles for the computer processing the tickets, but it's still an amazing waste of instruction cycles when you consider how many people fly every day.  I wonder how much CO2 is generated by the power it takes to run the computers to do that? 


  1. The carbon scam. Have you ever noticed how every problem the government gets involved in requires either higher taxes, more regulations (equals more power to the government and their cronies) or both? After this carbon scam runs it's course and is finally discredited what will be next?

  2. That's a good question. My guess is that it's water.

    Earlier this year, the EPA pulled some sort of junk science study out of their collective asses that said all the water on earth was connected underground. They used that to say that since they had the right to regulate navigable waters, and that pond on your property was connected to it underground, they could regulate every drop of water in the country Story here.

    Infinite power for the Seems like a natural.