Monday, July 14, 2014

"Obama's Katrina"

Only worse.
Katrina was a hurricane.  A storm.  Weather happens.  The mess on the border is the product of policies designed to do precisely what they've done.  Since Obama implemented the guts of the DREAM act by executive order, it has had the same effect as putting up signs like Michael Ramirez creates in this cartoon.  Just read that article - from December of 2013 - if you're surprised by the crisis going on.  Or this one from American Thinker.

Every one of those dead children floating ashore from the Rio Grande, every person in the US who gets tuberculosis, every person hurt or killed by the young gang members crossing into the US; the blame for every one of those tragedies falls on the President and his staff. 

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  1. I'll say one thing for Zero and the demoncrats. They're not shitface like the dead elephant party; at least they don't pretend to be conservative constitutionalists. The border? Wide open because one wing of the ZOG wants an endless supply of cheap, sweatable labor; because the other wants an endless supply of welfare class collectivist votes; and because the globalist ZOG billionaires who own both wings intend to make the Whites in America a shrinking minority facing a burgeoning coalition of ethnic orcs officered by lethally hostile Jews. If present differential birth rates and insourcing of non-whites continues, Whites in North America will be extinct by 2100.