Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Border Mess, Federal Corruption and Son of ACORN

While sipping coffee and trying to get my heart beating this morning, I heard something in passing that made my ears stand up like a Doberman's. 

You might recall that earlier in the week, there was story that the was going to open a $50 Million resort for these children that are invading over the southern border, the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco, Texas.  Complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, saunas - you name it - the hotel was to be renovated and house them for a couple of weeks,  providing “health, mental health services, education, case management services” while they were being placed with family or foster families.
Think about that for just a moment.  These illegals, who have no right to be in the country, are going to be housed by the Department of Homeland Security for two weeks and they’d receive health, mental health services, education and case management services provided by taxpayer dollars over that two week period.

Let’s contrast that with the VA hospital in Phoenix where men who fought for America, who were injured, who bled for freedom were – and probably still are being – put on waiting lists for medical care that was promised them for their honorable military service.  We’ve got military veterans who are being put on phantom waiting lists for care, who stay on those waiting lists for months or years, while illegal aliens can receive care immediately.
You might also recall that there was somewhat of a public stink raised over this and the deal was dropped.

Today, the news droid dropped the name of who was getting the $50 million contract: the Baptist Child and Family Services.  The Baptist Child and Family... a Christian charity??  Wait a minute.   Our government - 99 and 44/100 % Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated, working with a Christian group?  Sumthin jest don't seem right.  

Not alone in my skepticism, The Right Curmudgeon started peeling back the layers of this onion and concludes BCFS is a new identity for ACORN.  I'm sure all of my readers will recall that ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, was brought down by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles in a 2009 hidden camera video series, in which O'Keefe played a pimp and Giles one of his girls.  As Right Curmudgeon points out, we all know ACORN:
They’re the “community service” organization, 100% funded by Democrats with tax dollars, who were raking in hundreds of millions of shadow money for a variety of housing and mortgage scams.  They’re the people that James O’Keefe brought down with a series of videos.  Probably his most famous was one of him and an attractive young lady dressed as a pimp and a prostitute going to an ACORN office, telling them they were in the sex trade and wanted a house but didn’t have any declared income.  ACORN was ready to help them falsify the paperwork to qualify for a loan.

As a result of O’Keefe’s videos ACORN lost their government funding and disbanded. Of course, like zombies, they weren’t dead, they just morphed into several new “community service” organizations, again being fed with a combination of your tax dollars and money borrowed from the Chinese.
It's worth the time to RTWT.  Right Curmudgeon looks into BCFS and this deal, asking a lot of very reasonable questions and trying to track down just who this group is:
These questions, to which the most transparent administration in American history will never provide answers, heck, they may never be asked, bring us back to BCFS.  Given all their donation buttons, you’d think they got their money from private donations and Baptist Charities, probably supported by Baptist Missions organizations given the countries they supposedly work in.  Well, it appears you’d be wrong.

Their “Partners” page lists 22 governmental groups, both federal and state, so it looks like the $50 million contract they walked away from because of bad publicity is just a drop in the bucket.  The number of groups that appear to have religious affiliation?  Zero.  Groups connected with any Baptist denomination?  Zero.
Is BCFS really the reborn ACORN?  I don't know, but they certainly don't appear to be a Baptist or Christian group either.  They appear to have chosen the name to appear innocent.  "Don't look here!  We're just a bunch of boring, Baptist do-gooders". 


  1. IIRC aren't these BCSF folks the 'brownshirts' that were working to keep their medics from exposing conditions when this 'crisis' first started hitting the news?

  2. I don't know. Today was the first time I heard the name. I haven't been paying really close attention to this mess.

    I'll see what I can find, though.

  3. Hillary was right but mistaken about which side were the conspirators. There is indeed a vast left wing cabal of people and groups organized to remake and redefine America. That doesn't sound too bad until you "peel back the onion" and discover these people are socialists and communists. The very same people who infiltrated the demonstrations of the 60's (the KGB) have their fingers in the pie of the left leanng organizations. At first blush you might scream out "where is our free press and why aren't they investigating this?" Indeed! But you should be forgiven for not knowing that our media or tha majority of them are just as left wing, just as infiltrated by foriegn communist and socialist instigators as ACORN and other left leaning groups are. Our few honest media members and leaders are too cowed and too easily scared off the story to report honestly. Our population have their heads down over their cell phones texting and tweating the latest tittling event in their personal life. Our best hope is another Pearl Harbor or 9/11. That is sad, we need an attack to wake us up. My worst fear is the enemy has gotten much smarter and won't hit us in some small way but in some more massive and destructive attack. Perhaps flood our borders with illegals who because they are children we cannot simply turn back while sneaking in the more dangerous illegals/terrorists where we aren't looking. Perhaps something far worse. I know! Some will react to what I just said as "surely you don't think Acorn and other left/Democrat groups are trying to destroy us and actually help the foriegn terrorist, China and Russia"? Yes indeed that is what I am saying. Sure, some of them are simply useful idiots but make no mistake many of them are actively working to destroy America and I include Obama and his entourage in that.

  4. Folks - go read that article that Anon1458 linked to. It's worse than I thought.

  5. The malfeasance of the fedgov is so ridiculously out of control its becoming comical. I would laugh if I wasn't busy being angry as hell at how abused my tax dollars are. It seems morally and ethically wrong that the fedgov can part me from my hard earned wages just to turn around and decide to give them out to corrupt 'charity' causes and foreign countries. Levy taxes on me and mine so you can give them away uselessly? My forefathers would overthrow the current fed gov and they would be ashamed of us for permitting such a tyranny to persist.

  6. Why are they just talking about bringing in people from Guatemala, etc.

    Why aren’t they talking about bringing people in from communist nations like North Korea or Cuba?

    Are they not talking of these things because they would have to admit that communism doesn’t work and that it has wrecked havoc on those nations?