Sunday, July 13, 2014

The D Word

The D word as in "Done". 

I hate to use that word in association with a project as big as moving into my shop, but I think everything I had pictured in my mind for moving in has been accomplished.  Today, I mounted the reloading presses to their bench with 3/8 x 3" bolts.  Even decapped about 40 pieces of .308 brass I shot a while back.
For completeness sake, the addition isn't done.  The contractor is working through his last punch list.  I hope to be done by the end of the month, but we're fully moved in, ready to reload or build or do anything.


  1. Nice bench!

    Where'd you get it?

  2. Nicely done, and well laid out. What's the black thing atop the right set of shelves?

    73, Jim

  3. Nice. Post some pics of the metal and wood working areas when you get them set up.
    I want an air conditioned shop.
    Since the main house a/c is on its last legs, I would also like an air conditioned house.

  4. Thanks, y'all!

    Dr.Jim - the bench came from Sam's Club. It's from a place called Seville Classics, Ultra HD, and they're very well made. 1 3/4" thick butcher block top, steel frame. Go together like clockwork. Everything fits, and includes a spare of every piece of hardware. These thing weigh about 125 pounds and are rated to hold 1000. Got them at my local club so no shipping and $200 each. Company website.

    Jim - the black thing is a Hornady ultrasonic cleaner. Their small one. I've had it a couple of years. Seems to work really well.
    MidwayUSA actually has it for less than I paid for mine ($80).