Sunday, July 27, 2014


No. Effing. Way.

(story) Some dood with a new book doing the radio TV tour said, "Obama could kill someone, personally, on live TV, and would survive without getting impeached".  Someone like me - or you, probably - would be painted in seconds as some sort of terrorist by the leftist media.  Not enough senators would vote to bring to president to trial.  That's more like the truth.

Besides, his replacement (and walking life insurance policy) is Joe Biden.  How much better do you think that's going to work out? 


  1. While he definitely wouldn't be impeached, I can see some intrepid law enforcement agency arresting him for the murder.

    Then the hilarious circus over jurisdictions ensues!

  2. And Ovomit knew this when he chose Crazy Joe!

  3. I honestly believe Obama intends to destroy America. We are already collapsing and even if he did nothing else in his next two years and 5 months our economy is toast. But make no mistake he intends to do much more. We cannot afford to wait for 2 1/2 years to try to turn this around. Impeachment is perhaps the only thing that can save us from a long disasterous depression. But of course this assumes that someone could take the reins and actually do the tough things we need to accomplish to turn it all around. I don't see anyone willing or capable. The Republicans (most anyway) are not interested in fixing this mess they are interested in geting reelected and taking over the Senate. I don't think Obama got to where he is by superior ability and good fortune. He is a post turtle; someone put him there. I think that soon there won't be the constant stream of borrowed, printed and tax money to keep up the facade. Welfare and SS will be reduced, other government programs will be defunded or underfunded. It will start to come apart, slow at first then very fast. I predict that one day soon, perhaps a long weekend, the banks will close, ATMs will not work and when the banks open again there will be a new "dollar" worth perhaps 1/10th of the old dollar. This won't fix the underlying mess our politicians have made of our economy so it won't "work" it will simply destroy wealth and harm citizens. It will be somewhat like Argentina's collapse but far worse. When it happens if you are paying attention to the signs you may have hours to take some action to protect your assets or convert your dollars to something usefull like food. If you are late to the party there will be no food, no money, no chance to use your assets before the government destroys their value.

  4. It would not be out of character for Obama (the Weather Underground candidate) to adopt a scorched earth policy after the November elections. What form would that take? encouraged, mass invasion of illegals....all student loan debt forgiven.....a crackdown on Whites displaying resistance to DC (remember Holder's past)..... a hot race war would please them greatly, and allow them to justify much on their wish list.

    They care about one thing - power. Maintaining it is paramount.