Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amazing Photo Spread

A friend emailed me this link last night.  It's a slide show of comparisons of a group of shots from both D-Day and recent photographs.  The thing is, the photos were carefully lined up to be the same perspective and scale for the two scenes some 70 years apart. 

Click on the link and at the top you'll get a picture of a port used to stage landing craft for the invasion.
Click your mouse on the picture and slide it side to side and it turns into the modern view.
If you look at the buildings on the far shore, you'll see many appear to be the same.  Throughout the photo set, that's the pattern; some are repaired, some are painted and some are upgraded, but they're all recognizable.  Remarkably consistent over the 70 years. 

There's ten of them, full of amazing similarities and differences.  Go check it out.

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