Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's All That Noise? Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

I think that if I can say one positive thing about this blog is that I've been all over the story that the administration has apparently changed sides in the "War on Terror", supporting Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda rebels in Syria,  and covering the story that Russians couldn't believe we were being so stupid in the Mideast, so it must be we're destroying the world on purpose.  And more;  I've been covering what I can find about the Muslim Brotherhood influence at the highest levels of government.

The attacks of ISIS (as they're commonly called) are turning into full out genocide of Christians and anyone else they think isn't the right strain of Islamic.  According to this story on
"Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst," said Mark Arabo, a Californian businessman and Chaldean-American leader. In an interview with CNN's Jonathan Mann, he called what's happening in Iraq a "Christian genocide" and said "children are being beheaded, mothers are being raped and killed, and fathers are being hung."

"Right now, three thousand Christians are in Iraq fleeing to neighboring cities," he told Mann. Arabo is calling on the international community to follow France's lead and offer the Christians of Iraq asylum.
"They are systematically beheading children," Arabo repeated slowly. "And mothers and fathers. The world hasn't seen an evil like this for generations."

"There's actually a park in Mosul where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick... this is crimes against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of."
 The article concludes with:
A quick scan of Youtube shows the truth of what Arabo is saying - there are gruesome videos of heads on spikes, and many of live beheadings (one poor Christian is forced to say the Shahada 'there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet' and then beheaded anyway.)

Warning: don't google these things unless you have a strong stomach.
It's melodramatic to blame this on Obama: no one is responsible for these crimes against humanity except for the Islamists, but this outcome is completely predictable given the things Obama has done already.  Completely predictable in light of all the stories I've covered before.  You might recall that the leader of ISIS said he's coming to America, and the media was full of stories this weekend reporting how they are threatening to do so immediately, and "raise the flag of Allah in the white house".
“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” spokesman Abu Mosa told VICE Media in a video interview. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.”

Mosa, however, wasn't finished: "We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” he added.
The soldiers they humiliated in Iraq?  What definition of humiliation would that be?  Regardless, these horrific savages (and there are no other descriptors for people who would behead children in front of their parents) are on the march.  The flag of ISIS was flying in London and elsewhere in Europe this weekend, and only a 77 year old nun had the guts to tear it down.
There is a phrase used of, and by, jihadists: ‘First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.’ Well there’s a fine example of this on display at the moment in East London. Even the Guardian has picked up on it.

At the entrance to a council estate near Canary Wharf, amid the banners of the hilariously misnamed ‘Stop the War coalition’ (‘End the Siege on Gaza’) the Black flag of Jihad is flying. Yes, that’s right, at a major council estate in the East End of London the black flag of ISIS is flying.
I don't know what the right thing to do about ISIS is, but I suspect the answer comes awfully close to what they'd say: "kill them all and let God sort them out".  I do know that if you don't think you have a dog in this fight, you'd better get your head out of your butt.  They may come for the Jews first (the Saturday people) and then come for the Christians, but they're coming for everyone, unless someone stops them.  If the neighborhood lunatic came up to you and vowed he was going to kill you would you take it seriously?  I personally always say that when someone swears they are going to kill you, you'd best take them at their word.  It doesn't matter if you don't want to get into a "religious war" if they do.  If you're completely atheistic and think it doesn't matter when they tell you convert or die, good luck with that.  You might want to look up the terms "dhimmitude", "jizya", and how the Muslims think if you're not one of them, you're essentially not human, and they can kill you any time they feel like it.


  1. Western civilization, at some point, will have to make the base survival decision: Do we survive, with some hope to prosper, or do they?

    A decision in the negative means exactly what it sounds like - we succumb to the infection. One in the positive means no other choice than complete eradication of the infection; it should be noted that, as in human infections, one dose of antibiotic rarely resolves the problem; multiple doses over an extended period are required.

    Think "long term struggle to remain free, viable and prosperous" rather than "quickie one shot." I'm not convinced western civilization has that kind of perseverance. The late Andrew Breitbart said "politics extends from culture" and he was right. Unless culture can be changed, and changed radically, it will be a losing battle, so one can add "intelligence" to the perseverance required.

    drjim is on the right track, assuming he's willing to go all the way with the concept. When the targeting data is loaded for Riyadh, Mecca, Tehran et al, Mexico City needs to be on the list as well, and lower-yield options aded to create a 50 mile beaten zone south of the Rio Grande. Once the radiation levels subside, it'll be boot on the ground to finish the job, and those boots will be there for generations.

    Not looking too good for the home team, I'm afraid. I notice now carries burkas in a variety of fashionable colors.....

  2. I think all of us are in agreement. At some point, civilization is going to have to say, "oh no you don't" and put them down like the rabid animals they are.

    There's a joke y'all have probably heard about Cowboys and Muslims. This version is probably as good as any.

  3. I remember shortly after 9/11 when President Bush called this a "crusade".

    The MSM gasped at his obvious "Bushism", but now I'm not so sure it was a foot-in-mouth incident.

    I think he knew what was coming, and was 100% correct in his choice of words.

    It *will* take another Crusade to stamp this evil out, but I don't know if the West has the stomach for it until blood is literally running in the streets, and by then it may be too late.

  4. I was astonished to learn that appeasement began with Jefferson, and has continued ever since.

    Solution -smoking crater for mecca, but begin with implosion at dome of the rock.


  5. The Taliban, the DEA, and the TSA are all the same kind of evil. The apparent differences between them are just camouflage coating, so you won't understand the bigger picture that people ordering you around is evil no matter what word-label they name it with. These evils remain in place because of the local voters who give them military support such as approval, money, and intelligence about you.

    Now, once one of these evils gets stupid enough to start cannibalizing the population base that produces their logistics, the total count of persons supporting that evil will go down. Their numerical advantage will shrink. If it shrinks far enough their protective armor of voters will be gone. What game do you think gets played then?