Monday, March 9, 2015

Quite Possibly Obama's Stupidest Statement

Competition for the title of the Stupidest is tough, but quite possibly the stupidest thing the president has said was that "in certain neighborhoods it's easier to buy a gun than a book or fresh vegetable".
“As long as you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it is easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable, as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence,”
What could that possibly mean?  If a neighborhood has gun stores, book stores and grocery stores, it's always absolutely easier to buy the book or fresh vegetable.  I know of no stores that demand you be over 21 to buy veggies; maybe to buy certain books if there's still such a thing as obscenity in 2015.  Never heard of background or NICS checks or anything remotely like a 4473 to buy books or vegetables.  Never heard of a 3 day waiting period to buy a book or vegetable.  On the other hand, while I admit my experience is limited, I've never seen gun stores selling vegetables although many sell books and it's easier to buy a book than a gun in a gun store. So even if the neighborhood had nothing but gun stores, it's still not a true statement.  It's a lie being used to damage discussion in society. 

Always the man to resort to straw man arguments, assigning an argument no one has ever made to the other side so that he can make fun of it, the Douchebag continued
“In some places it goes the opposite direction. People say we should have firearms in kindergarten and have machine guns in bars. You think I’m exaggerating,”
Firearms in kindergarten and machine guns in bars?  Is anyone on record ever suggesting this? Personally, kindergarten teachers with guns don't bother me a bit, if they're mature adults and can legally own one.  But that's not the point.  It's the absurd arguments, the "say anything to get your way" that disgusts me. 

Their frustration with not being able to impose more controls through congress is pretty evident.  The arguments make sixth graders on the schoolyard seem like brilliant debaters in comparison.


  1. Most of the murders in cities like Chicago that are related to gangs or drugs are committed with a gun that was stolen not bought. These murders are NOT because a gun was easy to buy. The thug who stole the gun intended to use it if not immediately he knew he would sooner or later settle a score with the stolen gun. The correct way to make these cities safer is to adopt Rudy Giuliani's methods in New York City. Go after every crime, go after every criminal, go into every nieghborhood especially the bad nieghborhoods. If "Black lives really mattered" the politicians and black leaders would be all over this. But they are not. The politicians simply want to use it to achieve their long held goals of gun control. The black leaders simply want to get more money either by sueing cities, cops and citizens who may have defended themselves or by extorting money from companies and individuals to absolve them of racist claims. It has never been about saving lives or preventing murders.

  2. His words have no reflection on reality, and attempting to analyze them as such is pointless. Everything this administration does is a calculated, manipulative, agitprop misinformation campaign intended to do one, or several of the following:

    1. Demonize Whites as irredeemable racists
    2. Disarm the citizenry
    3. Consolidate/transfer all power (personal, local, and state) to DC, esp. to bureaucrats who can't be unelected.
    4. Eliminate national sovereignty
    5. Eliminiate Whites as a racial majority
    6. Enflame racial tensions between Whites and Blacks/Hispanics

    Soviet Union 2.0 is my shorthand for what they want. Of course, all of this is impossible without our craven, traitorous media. They are happy to do president boyfriend's bidding, bury his scandals, and enthusiastically push their own Marxist narratives.

    Obama's political career was launched in the living room of two unrepentant domestic terrorists who proudly proclaimed their desire to incite a "violent communist revolution". When plan A didn't work, they took over the DNC instead.

  3. Well, he is talking to low information voters who believe all this claptrap, doncha know.
    The rest of us don't listen to him at all.

  4. Well the man had a point, and it's one that you missed. If you go into the "West End"(Da' Hood) of Louisville Ky. tonight it is a fact that you will have an easer time buying a weapon and ammo on the "black market" than you will buying ANY kind of food. That's because in Louisville at least, the only stores IN the "West End" sell liquor, beer, smokes and cheep wine. You'd have to drive at minimum 15 to 20 miles AWAY from the "West End" to buy food. When Obama said that it is easier for a black kid in the hood to buy a gun than it is for him to buy an apple he told the truth. (for once) It is also easier for that same 13 year old black kid in the hood, to find Pot, Crack, Blow, Ammo, or a pack of Kools than it is to find a carrot. That's the truth.

  5. I had a kid I was training up in San Jose tell me there were neighborhoods where you could buy an AK for $100 cash. I pulled into the nearest ATM, made a withdrawal and said lets go.

    End of debate.

  6. I bet he's never been to any of those places himself, so its all hearsay.

    Of course there are places this is true. Ever see a "midnight fruit stand" in a bad neighborhood where there's no street lights due to copper theft?

    Machine guns in bars? Well, there's probably neighborhoods in Chicago where that would improve the atmosphere.

    Oh...wait...he's implying there are places its legally easier to buy guns than vegetables. Not in the US, except maybe at a flea market.

    As Bugs Bunny says, "Whadda Maroon."

    1. Really didn't hear him imply legal purchases. Just using rudimentary logic, one should realize he's talking about the open availability and subsequent abundance of guns which ends up making them available in some neighborhoods on the streets to anyone interested in pursuing an illegal purchase.

  7. It may be true that there are few stores in "da hood". But ask yourself if you were a store owner in Ferguson and they burned your store down after looting it would you rebuild? Ask why on this 50th anniversary of Selma why none of those people and MSM who showed up would dare spend a Friday or Saturday evening walking around alone in Selma. There is this popular fiction that Blacks are forced into ghettos. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of these "ghettos" were once very nice nieghborhoods before they were "da hood". Everyone knows why they changed for the worse but as Holder said we can't have a truthful discussion about race in America.

  8. To those who think I missed the point that in Da Hood it's easier to get a gun than a book or veggie miss my point.

    I don't dispute that, but what he's after is demonizing legal gun owners and shutting down legal gun stores by conflating those illegal guns legal guns in the idiot voters' minds. Punish the innocent, law abiding businesses and gun owners for the crimes being committed by other people.

    1. It's obvious you aren't missing the point on part of the conversation Graybeard. But when you exaggerate the intention in the gun control debate, then you're doing the same thing you say offends you about Obama's comments. There is a national discussion on what we can do as a society with massive amounts of weapons available to the public, to eliminate or at least limit further this trend of mass shootings that are becoming too much like normal. Suggesting that those who don't share your views are idiot voters tends to distract from your credibility. People are just trying to find a sensible way to respond and doing nothing doesn't strike many people as sensible.

    2. You will note this is a comment to a 10 month old post, which is why it didn't appear instantly. Blogger only offers one option in this regard, which is that all posts older than 14 days are flagged for moderation, or else I'd never see them.

      Needless to say, I disagree with you. There is no data that shows mass shootings are getting more common. The guys who research this for a living say that. Furthermore, there's no scenario that makes sense to me where punishing the law abiding gun owners does anything. Are you going to punish someone for having their home broken into and their property stolen? There's no such thing as a safe that can't be broken into. Read the specs on safes sold to the DOD - they're rated in minutes it takes them to be broken into.

      I hate being lied to, which is what Obama was doing, and I hate illogical, straw man arguments; again what Obama was doing.

  9. I wonder if he was talking "freehand", or if his speech writer really is that stupid? We know he is.

    Too bad someone in the crowd didn't remind him it's easier to buy a gun from the BATFE than to buy a vegetable (unless you're speaking of the Vegetable-in-Chief - bought and sold many times over the years.).

  10. He was definitely off prompter. He was asking the crowd if they had ever played "scissors, paper, stone".

    I wonder where they say that?