Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just So Much to Write About and So Little Caring

It's probably from the pain pills, but my motivation is really at low levels.  It works out that this chair is the one causes the most pain in all of my various incisions and while I can sit here, I'm less motivated to write than from other places around the house.

We have the Brexit vote to comment on. I think Mark Steyn once said that while the US' founding documents, are wonderful overview or "big picture" documents, the European Charter was more like a 5000 page refrigerator manual, written by someone who really, really loved refrigerator manuals.  The US documents were tiny, and if they had anything real to say, it was actually along the lines of "stay true to yourselves and your human nature, don't let the temptation for power out strip your ability to control it and you'll be fine".  The EU Charter would delight in directing you to the thousands of pages of forms you needed to do most anything.  (The Daily Mail lists some examples of the sorts of micro-regulations the EU charter is known for)

Likewise, I could put up a typical photo of an abdomen like my five cuts, I don't see much advantage.


  1. Relax, take it easy, and heal up.

    Your loyal readers understand, and will be here for you when you're better!

  2. Hang in there SiG. You'll be mended up soon enough. Your health is the most important thing.

  3. Patience my friend. Slow and steady. Be patient. No rush.

  4. Anyone have the numbers on how many people in the American Colonies wanted to leave Britain?

  5. What worked for me after surgery was to take my pain medication in the evening only which allowed me to get a good night's sleep. No medication during the day meant pain but awareness too.

  6. I bet that if you went outside and cranked that antenna up and down a few dozen times, your condition would change quickly and significantly...

    Hope you're feeling much better soon. Hurricane season is not a good time to be "under the weather" in east central Florida...

    1. Hurricane season is not a good time to be "under the weather" in east central Florida... Word. And a very ominous word, at that. I think everyone I know who has had joint replacements (hip or knee) put them off to get them done after storm season. And seriously, if I'm going to be laid up and not able to be outside much, this is as good a time as we get.

      And thanks to all of you. I'm sure a couple of nights with adequate sleep will help improve my outlook a bunch.