Thursday, June 2, 2016


Courtesy of Edward Snowden
Someone ask Hillary if that left a mark, OK?

(Note:  I don't Twitter, but if you do, his real link is here).


  1. That burn was probably visible from orbit! Ouch! I love it. *gleeful chortle*

  2. Snowden is trying to whitewash his actions. His actions were the largest release of classified information in our history. Most of the information he gave away was to the Chinese and Russians and that information wasn't released for the public's benefit. The classified information he gave away resulted in terrorists learning how to avoid attacks and discovery. People were caught and killed because of his actions. Russia and China acquired information that would give them the upper hand in a military action against us. The depth of Snowden's treason is unbelievable and the effects will harm us in thousands of ways in the future. The firing squad is too good for Snowden.

    Ditto for Hillary. Her private server was undoubtedly hacked by Russia, China, Israel and every other nation with a computer. Experts have determined that just the classified emails we know about on her server would have given our enemies information that would result in deaths of spies and others who were on our side.

    1. See, when even the former attorney general, as big an arsehole as he unquestionably is and was, calls what Snowden did (I quote) "a public service" I'm inclined to think you are full of crap. Russians and Chinese, huh? I'm sure you have credible sources to back up your hyperbolic rhetoric, right? I don't know if I can call Snowden a hero...but I'm disinclined to call him a traitor. The alphabet soup of agencies in Washington that are all focused on infringing as many rights and freedoms as the castrated courts will allow them to, all in the name of "security" and preventing acts of terror, *needed* to be exposed. I'd go on, but I'm tired of standing on this soapbox...

  3. The depths of Clapper's and Alexander's treason FAR exceed anything you imagine about Snowden. May they burn in hell for eternity for what they have done.

    And you along with them, dear ol' Anonymous.

  4. If you truly believe that what Clapper did and what Alexander is accused of FAR exceeded what Snowden did then you are ignorant of the facts. Snowden released the largest cache of classified information to our enemies ever in our history. By any standard that was treason.

    The interesting thing about the Wyden/Clapper incident is (other than the fact that Wyden hasn't lived in Oregon for years and he is known here as New Yorks thrid Senator) that Wyden knew that Clapper could not answer the question in an open hearing. He KNEW Clapper either had to lie or by refusing to answer effectively admit that Wyden's comment was correct (which in itself would be giving out classified information). It was a setup by Wyden, a little grandstanding for the cameras.

    I served 20 years in the Air Force and was privy to classified information. I would proudly lie to prevent it from being exposed. You are welcome to believe differently.

  5. You are a filthy treasonous POS who should burn in hell with Clapper and Alexander, dear ol' Anonymous. Your oath was first and foremost to the CONSTITUTION. And Snowden exposed that the NSA is BLATANTLY violating the 4th Amendment. There is clear documentation that the government REFUSED to act on information provided by whistleblowers who were foolish enough to use official channels. Even one of the people IN THAT CHANNEL has admitted that what Snowden did was the only way to expose the treason. EVEN ERIC THE RED has admitted that Snowden did a service to the country. Burn where you belong, you filthy treasonous "anonymous" POS.

  6. I have to laugh at your over the top phony anger. I first thought you were simply uninformed and a little strident in your ignorance. But I see you are quite intentionally an A**. Please continue to prove me right...

  7. You continue to prove me right instead. You claim to have been an officer. Yet you use "I VUS CHUST DOINK MEIN CHOB!". You wouldn't happen to be a Brevard County "Law Enforcement" officer now, would you? The morals, scruples, principles, and honor shine right through. After all, Operation Castaway was orders from FedPig.

    There is a rope waiting for you. And eternal damnation for your treason.

  8. Guys, I don't pull comments unless they're obvious spam, but could we tone it down a little? Everyone's entitled to opinions.