Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Link of the Day

I had a serious post in mind, haven't done one of those in several days, but I got a link of pure coolness combined with a healthy dose of playfulness in today's email and it proved irresistible.  I can be serious any day.

The company is called Mechanicards and the link was from a CNC mailing list I subscribe to.  The mailing list is at the CNC Cookbook, and it has occasional things that are interesting, but is mostly a "meh" - mostly sales oriented.

The video calls them mechanical greeting cards, but that's not quite right.  The first model, the radial engine,  can be had for $50 and it's one of my two favorites in the video.  My other favorite is the last one, and that goes $125.  If you think of them as a gift and not just a card, it's not that bad.  The video description on YouTube says they're primarily paperboard, with few bits of wood, metal, and plastic.  They have the look of CNC laser cut cardboard or thin plywood just based on the appearance of the radial engine.   

Cool idea for a business.

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