Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Intertoobs Are a Weird and Wonderful Place

I was looking for a nice inspirational quote from Colonel Cooper on Pinterest.  The search tool takes the words you enter and creates a Boolean "And" to search for.  Which led me to this image of Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper (sans makeup).


  1. LOL. About 10 years ago we were visiting a shirt tail relative and the man was from Arkansas and grew up with mules. So he had bought two mules for his 40 acres and was enjoying using them to work the property. He didn't have the right harnesses and such so his wife tried to find them on line. She said to us "do you have any idea what you get when you google mules and leather?" LOL

    1. Thanks - I just sprayed my monitor. Thankfully not a full mouthful of coffee.