Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Michael P Ramirez cartoons

There's a lot that's good with this cartoon: the contrast between Christianity and Islam; the light vs. the dark.  Ramirez got the essence of that exactly right.  There are things that are wrong with it, too.  The reference to Isis is a date, not a verse in the Koran and while the expression "on Earth Peace, Good Will Toward Men" is a translation, it's one that's not the majority view.  I have the YouVersion Bible app in front of me which has 49 different English translations (and, seriously, if you want to study the Bible, I think this is irreplaceable).  Most seem to translate that as "peace to men of good will" or "peace to men on whom His favor rests".  But let's skip the "my translation is more better than yours" stuff.  Whatever you read that you understand is better than something you can't understand. 

A lot has been written about the Islamic attacks across Europe in the last year, and it should have been written.  As others have pointed out, the transnationalist viewpoints that have led to this are far from accidental.  The transnationalist structures around us were deliberately constructed at the end of WWI as a response to the horrors of that "war to end all wars".  The League of Nations and subsequently the United Nations were specifically designed to lead to "one world government".  The elites at the time believed it was the way to put an end to future world wars.  There was recognition that the weak spot in their plan was "non-state actors", like Al Qaeda or ISIS, that the mechanisms being put in place would only work on states with similar value systems, but they didn't see that as plausible. 

There are those who say the problems in Europe, and one would argue the problems that are coming here, are entirely deliberate: they're right and that is why.  These people who are driving the "diversity" move are doing so in belief that they're doing the right thing, because they've been trained all their lives that this is the right thing.

And so as Christmas Eve leads into Christmas, keep your eyes all around.  Don't let your situational awareness slip to condition white for a minute.  There was talk about ISIS putting out a list of churches to encourage attacks; whether not that happens is more a question of when and where, not if. 

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  1. Merry Christmas, SiG!

    My wife's wacky friend, the preacher that married us", keeps harping about the good people of "The Religion of Peace", a.k.a The Murdering Muslims.

    I asked her if she's ever actually, uh you know, read any of the Koran?

    Why no, of course not! All we have to do is to show them Christ's Love, and all will be happy in the garden!

    She is soooo lost for a "Person of Faith" that I'm dumbstruck....