Friday, December 16, 2016

Heads Up on a Good Deal

In today's emails I see that Midway USA is selling the Walker Razor X electronic hearing protectors for  $93.11. 

I wrote about these after we picked up our pair in early November.  Having used them a couple of times, including a good amount of "cheek time" on a .308 and .30-30, I have to say I really like these things.  Now that I figured out the "indoor/outdoor" option, the response is great.  And after a day on an outdoor range with people all around, shooting everything from .22 to "something loud", I have no complaints.

I really can't find faults with it, and think it's a great way to do hearing protection.  Mrs. Graybeard, who really wanted in-the-ear protection because she kept getting her electronic ear muffs knocked off during recoil is even happier with them than I am.  You can actually forget you're wearing them.
At some point during the Christmas sale emails, I think I saw these for $90.  I paid $99. 


  1. I picked up a pair of these based on your comments, and I really like the overall idea. However, I found that the foam tips expand so rapidly after being compressed that I can never get them in my ears squished enough to give a good seal. Regular foam plugs work fine for me. Did you see anything like that with yours, and do you have any ideas for alternate foam tips?

    1. I think it's harder to get those to work than plain foam plugs because of the post the plug fits over. I've gone over to the larger foam tips and find they work better for me. I'm not sure if they all have the same consistency.

      Have you tried other sizes?