Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Funnies

We all have our little idiosyncrasies, and one of my many is that when I'm doing the kind of work that keeps me at my desk in my office, I usually listen to the I Heart Radio app on my iPhone.  I used to bring a general coverage handheld radio and tune it to either the local talk radio, local ham repeaters, FM broadcast or perhaps the airport tower.  Although the app itself can be clunky and crash too often, when it works its sound quality is better than what I can get indoors with a limited antenna.

My latest little find is the 24/7 Comedy Channel, which features short (usually less than 2 minutes, always less than 10) of stand up comedy performances.  Some big, classic established names - George Carlin, Robin Williams, Steven Wright, Richard Jeni; some big newer names - Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Chris Rock; and a bunch that I frankly had never heard of before.  I really enjoy Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, Jim Gaffigan and more.  One guy I've never heard of before is John Pinette.  Earlier this evening, Mrs. Graybeard laughed until we hurt watching a full hour of Pinette's "I Say Nay Nay". 

If you're up for a good hour of silly, start here and go watch the other 5 sections. If not, just watch this one.  If you can't handle 10 minutes or want a sampler, just go here and pick something.

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