Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today is the second birthday of this blog.  Well, by date, it's Tuesday the 21st, but the first post was on this Sunday two years ago.  This is my 655th post.
(inappropriately borrowed from here)

As we go forward, I've decided to get back closer to my original ideas: tech-y, science-y, and shooty with more how-to-do stuff, and do less economic/political crisis stuff.  There's a large number of folks writing on that topic and I'm just not sure that I add much value to places like Denninger, The Economic Collapse Blog, and Zerohedge.  I think it's the obligation of anyone who sees what's coming to point it out to those who don't; I have and I will continue to.  I'm not going to stop on those topics, I'll just be more selective about what I can contribute.  I have a special interest in how the "Tales from the Over-Regulated State" affect our lives and livelihoods, and I'll continue to be on that like Oprah on a baked ham. 

My new approach reflects something I've said before: there's going to be bad times coming.  Survival is for cockroaches; let's thrive.  Someone has to know how to rebuild. 

Last year, I made a vow to try and post something every day.  Those of you who do that on your own blogs know it can be trying and sometimes there just isn't anything there.  Every now and then my muse goes and does her hair or something.  This year I aim to post worthwhile reading, even if it isn't every day.  The folks who put up the most everyday tend to put up shorter things than I seem to be capable of writing. 

I've got a subject that I'm going to go into in the coming weeks, in more or less real time as I do my project.  That means there will be a post then nothing on it for a while as I gather parts or research some more.  I'll cover the research, too.  The subject is building solar cell back up power systems.  Not with the aim of selling power back to the grid, but with the aim of having power should the grid go down.  I have a garage full of things that will take off a finger or five, and it might be good to go over some of that, too.  Woodworking, metal working, electronics, there's plenty to cover. 

In keeping with the new beginnings, I've changed the layout here.  The previous layout was came inspired by my amateur astronomy hobby, so the background picture was somewhat like a nebula or starfield with some nebulosity. This is canned Blogspot theme with some customization. 

To borrow from my first "Hello World" posting:
What will you find here? Like everyone, I will tend to write on the things that interest me. They might be current events, current conditions, technical looks at various electronics topics, ham radio, and making things of various kinds.

I have no idea how long I'll be here, but here's to the ride!


  1. Congratulations! Always enjoyed your work.

  2. Happy anniversery!!!

    I would like to request more on Metal working but I know how things go when you are deep in the labs and into a project.

  3. You go on doing your thing on the blog. That way, you'll enjoy doing it, and the rest of us will enjoy you enjoying it.


  4. Congrats and good luck on the new theme!

  5. Thanks, all.

    Diogenes - that's exactly one of the irons that's in the fire.

  6. Graybeard. I like the new look. I'm also pleased that you've been posting for two years, now.