Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looked Like This To Me

(Nate Beeler at TownHall.)

Unfortunately, I have to say Madonna is several years younger than I am...

Confidential to the current crop of entertainers: if you get asked to be the half time act at the Super Bowl, it pretty much means your career is over. 


  1. I was moderately saddened to see "The Who" a couple years back.

    But Madonna looks pretty good for her age.

  2. I suppose, but I saw a picture from a concert of hers a few years ago, striking a very muscular pose. Kinda scary looking.

    Think of the Who, Janet (Wardrobe Malfunction) Jackson, the artist formerly-and-possibly-again named Prince. None of them seemed to be top of their game. Maybe it's the venue

  3. I gotta be honest, it seemed to me to be the best halftime show of the century so far (admittedly not a high bar). We should remember that this is what Madonna does - her music is okay, but she's a performer above all.