Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Hit the Catholics Now?

This has been bothering me, in the "this just don't make sense" way. Why does the administration go after the Catholic church, one of the largest institutions in the country, in an election year when any conventional wisdom has to say they're on the ropes?  Are they supremely confident, naively stupid, or maliciously evil? (It's possible to be any combination of all three!)
Back in '09 some Catholic groups were big supporters of Obamacare.  They got their 30 pieces of silver in savings for Catholic hospitals and charities - fewer uninsured.  They accepted taxpayer funding of abortions to get that silver.  Now they're being ordered to provide contraception, another violation of church teachings.  (Confidential: if you're a Catholic leader who advocated for this, while emulating Judas Iscariot goes a bit far, it's a good principle - the industrial equivalent is resigning).
I'm not Catholic and don't really understand their doctrines, Ann Barnhardt is a better source for that, but when the US government starts forcing their religion (a secular fundamentalism) on churches it gets my attention.  The feds do everything short of calling in the SWAT teams and shooting dogs if some kid so much as sings Silent Night at a school function, but it's fine for them to shove their morality on people who are opposed to it?  After observing this since Roe v Wade was passed, I've come to the conclusion abortion is sacred to the secular fundamentalist, perhaps their only sacrament.  They have no higher goal than ensuring abortions for everyone - especially if they're paid for by people who find it morally reprehensible.  Bookworm Room puts it this way:
Whether you support a woman’s right to have an abortion or not, surely anyone who is intellectually honest must see that it is morally wrong to make a religious institution fund it.  To use an extreme analogy, this is the beginning of a continuum that ends with Jews being forced to dig their own mass burial pits before being lined upon along the edge of those pit and shot.
This is an assault on all religions, all faiths.  I will stand with the Catholic church.  

But, again, why now?  Why in an election year?  I can only offer some hypotheses.  First is that they think the membership of the Catholic church doesn't care that the government is doing it; that the membership is much less doctrinal than their leadership.  Second: they are so contemptuous of people of faith that they want to ruin them, and that means break down that faith.  As a weaker example, Obama's campaign speech in the national prayer breakfast yesterday, where he tried to say that Jesus wants the rich to pay higher taxes, quoting a well known verse from Luke - 12:48 - and in a stunning two-fer, got both the economics and the theology wrong.  A necessary conclusion from 2 is that they want to hurt the people of faith so badly, they don't care if it hurts their election chances.  Approximately 22% of Americans self-identify as Catholic; does the administration think they can throw away the votes from half of them?  A quarter?  All of them? 


  1. If one accepts the premise that the Left wants to incite violence as a means to a final push to impose their Police State, then it becomes understandable as to why they would openly try to impose unacceptable mandates upon people and destabilize large segments of the population.

    Push, push and push until people snap and lash out. Then the Left is free to release the power of Government "To restore order".


  2. As much as I abhor it, I think Kerodin may be correct.
    "First They Came For The Jews...."

  3. Absolutely true, Kerodin.

    And if nothing else, why does the bully kick the little kid? Because he can.

  4. I think it's getting close to the time when the little kid should kick HARD as he can!

  5. Not to be overly argumentative, but to ask 'why now' assumes the timing is germane. While it may be so, unless one is privy to the machinations behind the clouds of sulfur smoke, the question may not be answerable. It is an attack on the Catholic Church, (disclosure, "IHS"), and, like all attacks from the Mighty Kenyan, one of its purposes is to divide Catholics. Another is to cower Catholic hospitals. (The obabmi-bots want Catholic hospitals, they don't want Catholic.) Their 'Abortion is our Sacrament' supporters are quite crazed, and must be kept crazed lest they begin to reason things out using the faculties place there by the Almighty Himself. The Kenyan's strategy is continual, perpetual division.

  6. Kerry - you raise good points. As a little background, I'm not 100% convinced we're actually going to have an election this year - and it amazes me I'm considering a government coup possible. I've written about how it could happen before (here's one).

    But let's assume we are having an election. Why alienate millions of voters? It's not just a few million Catholics, all faiths seem to be getting riled up about this. The time to crank the tyranny up to 11 is once the election is in the bag. As a term-limited dictator who can rule by executive order, that's when he can really tighten the noose.

    It could be malice, and it could be epic stupidity.

  7. I'm more in favor of malice. These people are NOT stupid. They know exactly what they're doing. 0bama promised "fundamental change", and that's what he's doing.
    The problem was that the electorate that got him in had a different definition of what fundamental change was....

  8. Drjim - absolutely right.

    I'll bet everyone has heard the saying "never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity". Unfortunately, there's another view that says, "don't assume it's stupidity when all signs point to malice".

    And there's nothing that says they can't be both evil and stupid... Come to think of it, that might be the best case.

  9. Divide and conquer. The Catholic Church has been heavily infiltrated by the left but not completely. What better way to destroy an entity as powerful and well funded as the Soros machine than to let the clergy go at each other's throats.