Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is DHS Planning (for) a Race War? Or Is It Just an Employee?

The Blaze broke the story today about Ayo Kimathi, a small business specialist for the DHS by day and black supremacist by night who runs a website preparing blacks "for the inevitable war" against white people.  The website is called WarOnTheHorizon (dot com!), where he goes by the nom de guerre "Irritated Genie".
“The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction,” the website declares. “Warfare is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.”
(Confidential to Mr. Kimathi: the word you want is imminent, not eminent - but maybe it's just old white cracker stuff to care about the meanings of words)
Perhaps the strangest aspect of this extremely strange story is that the Southern Preposterous Lie Center actually has him listed on their Hate Watch ("Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right") pages!  Why they conclude he has right wing politics is completely missing from the column.  I see nothing about him that I'd identify as clearly right or left, just clearly homicidal, but hard over leftists like they are will think anyone who hates is right wing by definition.

So doesn't the Fed.Gov, with their hands on the mighty info-suck of the NSA know that their ICE employee is running a hate-speech filled web page?  Apparently not - at least, not that they'd tell us. 
Kimathi’s former supervisor told the Southern Poverty Law Center she discovered his website in June.

“When I saw the website, I was stunned,” she said. “To see the hate, to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me.”

In an email to TheBlaze Thursday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deputy press secretary Gillian Christensen said she could not comment as a matter of policy on whether an investigation into Kimathi is underway.
Yet, by government policy, he had to get the website approved by his leadership so that they know it's not conflict of interest.  Whenever we deal with, it's reasonable to assume stupidity over malice, but does management know about this website just let it slide by?  Did he lie about the website and they fell for it?  If his job involved the massive ammo purchases DHS is charged with, or other military/police activity, that would be ominous. 
Kimathi’s former supervisor said among his duties at DHS and ICE is speaking at various vendor events. He’s one of the agency’s public faces. It is his job to advocate for small business owners “white, black, historically disadvantaged, disabled veteran-owned, everybody,” the supervisor said.

“He fights for the little guy,” the supervisor said. “And he’s very good at it. He has a commanding presence. He’s very suave. It’s almost as if he has a split personality.” 
As of a few moments ago, the DHS Office of Acquisition listed him on a public web page:

It's no secret that there are those in America who desperately want a race war; and you can make the argument we have enough evidence that at least some people have started fighting already.  DiveMedic at Confessions of a Street Pharmacist offers some evidence, but not all of it by any means.  I've chronicled some of it here myself.  Another senseless killing, two black youths killing an 89 year old WWII vet, happened just today.  The motivation for wanting a race war varies with the individual and it doesn't seem a stretch that some in the administration, and their Cloward and Piven devotees might be trying to gin one up themselves.   It's just the kind of thing that could allow the suspension of elections, or create the outcry from the general public to "make it stop", so the Fed.Gov and crack down and remove the last vestiges of civil liberty.

In the final analysis, I can't point at some reference I've found and categorically prove the DHS is planning a race war.  They're not that stupid.  Likewise, I can't prove this is just one employee acting on his own (certainly the simplest answer).  But as I said in that linked post of mine, I think the vast majority of the readers of this blog would agree that if someone publicly says they want you dead, you take them seriously. Don't let them catch you behind the curve. 


  1. From some of the reports regarding this racist he was outed by the Southern Preposterous Lie Center due to his strong anti-gay positions. He was identified as a "homophobic" hater and in order to expose him they had to include his racist agenda as well. If he had just been a white hating racist calling for white genocide he probably wouldn't have even hit the SPLC's radar let alone review.

  2. Hmmmmm.....Blacks make up something like 13% of the population.

    Many are poorly educated, illiterate, and lack any useful skills or motivation.

    I don't think the odds are in their favor.....

  3. David Forward, thanks for that. Very believable.

    And DrJim, I almost went there. Started to, in fact, and dropped it.

  4. Yeah, probably just put myself on another "list" somewhere.....

    1. When we're in the camps, keep an eye out for an old guy whistling "CQ DX". We may end up in the same camp!

    2. OK....I'll be sending "CQ FD"......

  5. The race war has started.....most civil ( white ) people refuse to accept
    this fact. In the past when blacks got angry they looted and burned their
    own neighborhoods. Modern media like FB Twitter etc now allow racist
    instigators like Van Jones, Malcolm Shabazz etc to orchestrate and foment
    race based attacks by blacks against non blacks. The urban animals have
    been taught to leave the hood and hunt for prey in normal America. It is no
    longer safe for white people to trave alone and u armed ANYWHERE that has
    any meaningful number of black people in the populace. Deniers will scream racism
    and call me a liar but the evidence is irrefutable. The race war has begun and unless
    white people are willing to fight it we WILL lose it.

  6. @DrJim: One thing that the black population has in its favor is the reluctance of whites to engage. That is, a teen black male raised in the thug culture has no regrets or fear of repercussions when it comes time to pull the trigger. That is a huge advantage, and one that it is wise not to underestimate.

    1. "no regrets or fear of repercussions"

      I think that says most of it right there.....

  7. Regrets, no; fear of repercussions, yes, for now.
    Unless DHS has his back, which I kind of doubt. More likely this guy failed to self-report his website. Maybe he thought the handle "Irritated Genie" would protect him?

  8. "In the final analysis, I can't point at some reference I've found and categorically prove the DHS is planning a race war."

    Considering that the DHS is mostly crackers, that wouldn't make a lot of sense.

    1. Don't know about you, but at least once a week I hear of something the does that doesn't make any sense. I don't think making sense is one of their strong points.

      I see so much stuff going on that I've never thought I'd ever see in this country that I'm about ready to believe they have an alien on ice in Area 51.

  9. The race war has started the MSM chooses not to report on it. The race pimps pumped up the violence meter with the Martin/Zimmerman issue and now we are seeing the results with more attacks against whites. Sadly I think this will get worse.

  10. It's On. Dislike it as much as you may; the evidence is now incontrovertible.

    It really doesn't matter what the odds are,or how badly we wish it were otherwise. What will determine the outcome is who has the resolve to fight.

    1. There is only one alternative view that seems possible: that it's not necessarily a race war, but a cultural war which has an extremely strong racial component. The culture starting the war is the feral gang/gangsta culture. Just as there are what we used to call "poor white trash", there are feral white kids raised without an ethical system. Lily white kids who grew up in the multi-culti "paradises" where gangs dominate, emulating the rappers because they're famous. One of them apparently was involved in shooting the Australian baseball player. The socialist whites who preach this stuff may not shoot, but they figuratively hand the gun and ammo to the killers.

      We both know blacks who are accomplished professionals with sterling ethical systems who would no more go kill anyone than you or I. They shouldn't be collateral damage. Going by race not only fails to clean up the problem with the white gangsta element, it kills good people. We need missionaries to heal the culture.

      It's going to be a level of ugly the world has never seen.

    2. Race.....culture.....words. Semantical terms to describe differenes
      between two observably different types of people. The two terms are different yet in many ways can be conflated to be the same thing.

      Call it what you want but the culture that is epitomized by young black urban educational dropouts is waging war one victim at a time
      against the culture epitomized by white rural and suburban educationally complete achievers.

  11. You have to have "domestic unrest" and "right wing violence" to declare martial law. Or did y'all think they stockpiled 25 years worth of food and ammo to keep the "prepers" from getting it? The "people" at the top WANT civil war. They WANT death camps, and they WILL make slaves of the survivors if they win.

  12. it should not be considered preposterous that the executive gang which sends advisors to the trayvon circus would have amongst its ranks such proponents as that potrayed


  13. Perhaps I'm a bit touched in the head, but i have to admit tbat i long for that day.
    I actually want them to start it all.. call me.what you will, but the lines need to be drawn and lets get it on..
    am I twisted??