Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hat Tip to Mike Myles at 90 Miles from Tyranny for this:

A friend commented he wished we had a catchier word than "conservative".  It just sounds too much like a grumpy old guy holding onto everything familiar, unwilling to change to deal with the modern world.  Dana Loesch uses the term "conservatarian" to try to acknowledge deep parallels with libertarianism; if anything, it's a clunkier, less warm, less fuzzy word.  

It's ironic that Big Brother now, "the Man", is exactly the same people who were screaming about rebelling against "the Man" 45 years ago, and the 60 to 80 year olds collapsing the country today are the ones who said, "never trust anyone over 30".  

The old roles are swapped.  We are the counterculture.  The conservative, good old values are the minority fighting the big, oppressive Man.  Andrew Breitbart said something like, "You're arguing for freedom.  Who doesn't want freedom?  If you put it that way, how could you possibly lose?"  That's the message.


  1. But we do have a catchier, more evocative word than "conservative."


    Use it proudly, and deny it to the Left as stridently as possible.

  2. I like Bill Whittle's suggestion: "member of the Rebel Alliance."

    1. My final sentence was "We are the rebel alliance to fight the evil empire", and dropped it in favor of that Bretibart quote.

  3. "a grumpy old guy holding onto everything familiar" Like the constitution and the original intent.

    1. The image in my mind was the way the libs think we're selfish for thinking money we earned is ours to decide how to spend.

  4. the clip is pleasant, even somewhat appealing.

    but i don't believe soldiers "defend our freedom" any more the dhs or tsa does.

    nor do i believe in government sponsored childhood indoctrination centers.

    mebbe they'll make another version??