Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can't Be. It Would Have Starved to Death

Obama had a brain-eating amoeba?  Can't be.  Looks too fat and healthy.  Sucker would have starved to death.
(Ken Catalino)


  1. Has anyone noticed the rash of movies where the white house is attacked and the president taken hostage or killed? Now there is a TV series on the same storyline. What's up with Hollywood and TV? Are they hoping for this, trying to incite it or what?

    1. I've noticed the movies, but haven't gone to see any of them.

      If the bad guys are always middle-aged white businessmen, it's that they're fantasizing tea party conservatives or just plain "evil conservatives" are behind it all. Like the series 24 may have had foreign terrorists, but always under the command of someone who looked like Dick Van Patton. Or possibly Dick Cheney.