Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Florida Concealed Carry Stats

We learn from economist John Lott's blog today that Florida has not revoked a concealed carry license due to a firearm crime in at least two years.  John extracts this data:
With 2,541,460 permits issued and 168 revoked for ... firearm violations, the rate of Florida concealed handgun permits that have been revoked for firearm violations is only 0.0066 percent.
Are you saying, "wait... there are no dates in there.  Where are you getting that?"

I snuck one by on you!  The date comes from my own blog, back in September of 2011, when I found that same number of permits revoked, 168, and back then the rate was higher.  That means not one permit has been revoked in at least these two years.  In that post,  I wrote:
The state database shows that since the 1987 introduction of Concealed Weapon and Firearms Licenses in the state, 2,031,106 have been issued, while a mere 5,702 have been revoked for a crime after being issued a license. ... Furthermore, of those 5,702 licenses that have been revoked, only 168 have been revoked for a crime using a firearm.
Here are today's numbers:
Whenever you hear someone arguing that the streets will run with blood from all of those people carrying concealed guns, remember .0066%. 

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