Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obamacare - Shaking It In Your Face

You just have to admire the shear contempt it takes for Americans to make the help number for Obamacare into a version of that old joke "Dial 1-800-F*UCK YO - all that's missing is U!"

I know this is going around.  The number is 800-318-2596.  The number 1 doesn't have letters on a standard phone, so just look up the rest.

I don't believe that Obama and Rahm Emmanuel sat in the White House smoking a joint and laughing themselves silly over picking the number (although with stories like this one, and those about how unprofessional and disinterested in things he is...),  but I don't believe it's an accident either.  The odds of it being that particular number are pretty darn small.  I can see the phone companies taking out the really obvious spellings (drop the "1" in 318, shift it all left, and add an 8 to the end).  Or charging more or less for them.  For numbers derived from the obvious one, like this sequence, it's next to impossible to remove every set of numbers that could be construed this way.

I see it as probably some underling, some vice-undersecretary to the undersecretary, doing it as a way to thumb their nose at us, sorta like the Evil Party walking around for all of 2009 saying (essentially) "we won, that's why".  In this case, it's, "In your face!" or "You don't like it?  Call dis!"
(found here)

What was I saying about a government that truly despises its citizens? 


  1. Obamacare was passed with some subterfuge in the senate with Massachusetts preventing the governor from appointing a Kennedy replacement so there would be a Democrat in that seat. Then the house "deemed" the bill was passed to avoid a vote. This law was rammed down our throat from day one and it is going to hurt a lot of people, destroy the best healthcare system in the world and waste trillions.

  2. I can see Obama and DeadFish sitting in the Oval Office, smoking a joint and doing a couple of lines and coming up with that.
    Nothing is too dispicable for that pair.

  3. My guess is that it was probably people at the telco, whoever assigned them the number, thumbing their noses at PPACA/Obamacare .