Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Shutdown" Stupidity

The Outdoors Have Been Closed.  Seriously - the stupidest thing about the "shutdown".  I went to look at some webcams in the national parks and was greeted by this:
This is so stupid it hurts.  It took more employee time to make this and put it on line than it takes to leave the webcams running!  It's not like some bozo is standing next to a camera with a timer and pressing the shutter every 60 seconds; a webcam takes zero effort to run.  If it stopped updating, well, so what?  Happens all the time. 

It's like barricades in the WWII memorial, blocking access to the Grand Canyon, or closing roads through the parks.  It took more effort and cost more money to put up barricades and block off roads than to just leave them open.  It's not like they need someone to stand there and hold the road down, or watch it and make sure it doesn't walk away. The only possible explanation is that they're trying to hurt you.  Yes, you personally.  They are trying to make you miserable and make themselves look more important.

What we have here is a government that truly despises the people.  A government that thinks its their birth right to take every penny you have for whatever program they care to spend it on, and you should be grateful to them for the privilege to give it over to them. 


  1. Yep. And in DC, they spent hours putting barricades around open-air monuments and turning off fountains which have run 24/7 for decades, just to cause a public stir.

    But when the Obamas decide to travel again during this "shutdown", there will be plenty of money and staffers for that.

  2. Since the percentage of Congressmen who served active duty military fell below 50% (early 1990's I believe), the group has become increasingly self-focused. As a group, they are now incapable of serving a higher purpose than themselves or on a 'good' day, their political party. How about a constitutional amendment that requires military service to run for national office? We'll still get the occasional Kerry or McCain, but we may get a few more solid citizens in the mix.

  3. The shutdown isn't directly about not having the money to stay open. It's all about political theater to a) make the other side look bad, and b) distract us from what they're really doing. It's like the proctologist asking if you saw the game last night.

  4. If it takes the furloughed people to run whatever is shut down, it seems most of the "essentials" are the unneeded. Keep the 800,000 and get rid of the others.

  5. Without these pathetic attempts at relevancy, the government as necessity charade would be recognized for exactly what it is, the longest running fraud and criminal enterprise on earth.