Thursday, June 12, 2014

Inverse Midas Touch

(Eric Allie at


  1. I believe that for the most part Obama and his advisors are getting exactly what they wanted. That is I think they wanted to get rid of those five terrorists in an effort to colse down Gitmo and not to save one soldier. I think the chaos on the border is exactly what they wanted and I think they expect it to get a lot worse and totally out of control to such an extent that we (dems and republicans) will throw up our hands and just let them give them all amnesty. I think he knew all along that the ACA would implode and the only fix for it would be single payer. I think he knew the veterans were being abused by the VA and didn't care partly because he doesn't like our military and partly because he wants more confusion and chaos. I think he is OK with Iraq going to the terrorists and doesn't like Israel and knows it will be a huge problem for them. I think he knows Iran will get nukes and that sooner or later they will be used in the Middle East (or elsewhere) and it fits his desire to embroil us in chaos. I think he wants to end this constitutional republic and he is a student of Cloward and Pivin and knows that he can overwhelm the government and the citiznes with all of these events. I don't think he cares at all about the crimes he and his posse have committed and will give blanket pardons to everyone involved on his last day in office. I think this was always the plan and he is happy with it

  2. Why should anyone that has such much money that an 'economic downturn' means 2 mansions on different coasts instead of 3 or 4 even care about the future? They and their kids will most certainly not go without. No matter what happens here they have already amassed enough wealth to sip margaritas in Costa Rica for the rest of their days. Letting the rich run the govt is fat kid loose in a bake store kind of stupid. Current system doomed to fail ... not if but when.