Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Comedians Get Things Right

It's a little long to embed here, but comedian Steven Crowder does a good look at Comrade Bernie Sanders in this video.

Also, a pretty good impression of Sanders.

I'll just add that someone did some math on Sanders' promises and said they add up to $18 T over 10 years.  As always, when I hear numbers like that I don't assume that means $18T divided by 10 and he increases the debt $1.8 T per year.  And I don't believe anyone can predict 10 years out in the budget with any reasonable certainty.  That said, Crowder assumes that linear, 1/10 every year.  He still pretty well demolishes Sanders.


  1. When I hear a number like $18T - or any other number relating to proposed govt expenditures - I mentally divide it by the number of taxpayers (approx 100M).

    If that's more than the amount I currently have in my wallet and/or feel like giving away, then I'm against it.

    Don in Oregon

  2. Flood the country with illegals, er, sorry; "Dreamers", make it "discrimination" to ask for ID at the polling places so the Dreamers can vote, make sure to get out the entitlement vote, and voila, you've elected a Bernie Sanders. Or at least a Hillary Clinton.
    We have maybe one more election cycle to turn from the brink. I don't have a lot of faith that the general public is smart enough to understand the danger we are in, or what we are about to throw away for a few empty promises of freebies.