Thursday, October 1, 2015

Joaquin Away From Joo

As of this evening's 5 PM update, it looks like Hurricane Joaquin will be skirting the US east coast and heading out to sea.  It's not a sure thing because we're still looking five days out and the forecasts aren't very accurate out there, but the last few forecasts have moved it progressively away from the coast. 
To be honest, I'm really glad it's not looking it's going to hit New York or New Jersey.  Those folks were insufferable after Sandy, especially Bloomberg, the most dependable asshole in American Politics, and that idiot Cuomo.  Forbidding the National Guard to carry arms because “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”; local power companies chasing off the crews who drove from hundreds of miles away to help if they weren't Union workers; and all the whining about global warming... <shudder>  And now they have Comrade DeBlasio in charge!  <urp>  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 

I hope it doesn't come even close enough to give them 25 MPH winds. 


  1. This guy that runs the site here
    is a little cocky BUT he is pretty damn good at weather predictions.

    One of my readers sent me the link last year and I followed it for
    the bad winter we had up here. He called the storms fairly well.

    I think he is based in the Virginia area so he focuses on that.

    Just another link to check out for these types of events.

    More here if you want to research

  2. What I have found most reliable is to watch the trend of the 5 day cones. They told me to stay put during Katrina, Rita and not to worry about Ike. They were all the correct calls.

    For fun go checkout
    the two weather station under the satellite hurricane image are, at this time showing winds of 26 and 31 mph.

    I sometimes have trouble with what the NHS tells me.

    1. Wow, tough call Anonymous since you live in Idaho.

  3. We live in Philly, and an earlier track from NOAA showed us getting centerpunched by the hurricane.

    Only prep needed was filling two gas cans.

    The conversion of Ryobi flashlights to use LED bulbs was done years ago, and the recent tests of powering LED vehicle accessory lights from a Ryobi battery worked great. (details and lessons learned upon request)

    As someone much cleverer than I said, "If you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm."

  4. "Those folks were insufferable after Sandy..."

    A little collectivism there, Graybeard? Oh, by the way, quite a few of the nuns who are my wife's principal clients are still living in "temporary housing" since Sandy. You might want to spare them a Hail Mary or two.

    All my best,
    Long Island, NY

  5. Lack of your preparation does not constitute an emergency on my part. Even holy communities may have to move. (Sorry, Francis.) Removing the political graft involved in the Sandy $$ would have helped somewhat, I think.

    But the pollies got whiney.....

  6. Francis -

    Not calling all New Yorkers the same, I just didn't think I needed to write a couple of sentences about who "those people" are. My article from right after the storm, which I linked to, covered most of who was insufferable with the exception of the news media. I think it's pretty well accepted as true out in the rest of the country that any event that happens in New York or the Northeast population centers gets far more attention than the same event happening out here.

    I think that, as rule, New York isn't as highly thought of in the rest of the country as New Yorkers themselves think. I remember hearing a "dude on the street" being interviewed back in '03 or so referring to New York as "the capital of the universe". Uh ... no.

    Sandy wasn't historically terrible or unusual, it just happened in place woefully unprepared for it. Of course I feel bad for those affected by it, but by this time, anything damaged that hasn't been fixed is the result of some bad planning on someone's part.

  7. While I wouldn't give a damn if all of New York City slide into the ocean, my wife reminded me that it would just cause more damn Yankees to flood into Florida, so I'm hoping the storm misses them too. - Jumbo Jack

  8. Not if they drown when it falls in.

    Odd how the bodies all washed up in Jax, innit?