Monday, April 23, 2018

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Day Gone?

Sorry.  Working on a bizarre problem with the little engine project on my rotary table, so no content. 

As always, I try to save a cartoon for times like this.  You've heard of Kiwi birds from New Zealand, and you've heard of, probably eaten, Kiwi fruit.  Finally a grand unified theory to explain the brown fuzzy fruit  and the brown fuzzy bird:


  1. Wow... That's... A reach??? :-)

  2. I am still puzzled by the choice of the Kiwi (bird) for a certain brand of shoe polish.
    Perhaps I am supposed to apply the polish with the fuzzy exterior of the bird? And when done polishing I can remove the bird's exterior and enjoy the greenish fruit within?
    It's a mystery.

  3. Then, there's the "Mutton Bird"