Monday, October 18, 2021

Fixed It For Ya

With apologies to whomever posted this and that I got it from over the weekend. This is the problem.

This the fix. 

From everything I've read about this ***hole funding state's attorneys general and then prosecutors, I never cease to be amazed that he's not behind bars somewhere.  He's wanted in several countries, but apparently none that have police competent enough to take him in. 


  1. Because he's not in charge. He's just another mouthpiece handing out money. Would the world be a better place without him? Might be. But he'll just be replaced with someone else, having their strings pulled by the same people.

  2. behind bars?
    he deserves a far better judgement than just that after his treatment of fellow inmates in the camps.

  3. He's not behind bars because he's being protected by the government he paid for. He understands the golden rule - he who has the gold makes the rules.

  4. if epstein got handled why can't this dude