Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Repost on Being Worn Out by the Situation We're in

A re-post from July of 2017.  I could rewrite it because a few references to things going on in '17 might be lost, but then I'd lose the snapshot aspect of it.   

I Have a Case of That Going, Too

Western Rifle Shooters Association links to the Burning Platform, talking about being a bit worn out by the situation we're in and burned out about writing and thinking about it.  I could have written some of it myself - like this paragraph:

My frustration and disillusionment with a world gone mad has begun to affect my mental state. I’m losing my sense of outrage which has driven me to write for the last nine years. It isn’t worth the expended energy when it will change nothing. I’m resigned to the inevitability of economic collapse. It’s just a matter of when. Bloggers and writers who make a living at it, must write daily articles of doom to generate page views. Since no one can reliably predict the timing of the collapse, I’ve grown tired of reading and writing the same old shit.
He's an advocate of the concept of Fourth Turnings,  and argues that we're in one.  It will take however long it takes.  I've written about it several times, too, although tending to use the terms from Kondratiev Waves rather than Strauss and Howe's "Fourth Turning".  Another column by either one of us isn't going to affect that. 

I think we all agree that an economic collapse just seems unavoidable, but none of us know when and exactly what it will look like.  I think today's failure by the Stupid Party to get rid of the nightmare of Obamacare makes it more likely.  Things that can't go on won't go on.  I'm frankly tired of beating on the Federal Reserve, their servants in the Federal government, and the phony money they've imposed on us.  I'm especially sick to death of seeing virtually no one in power, very few in the media and no one with political influence harping on it.  

Likewise, Adaptive Curmudgeon put up a piece 10 days ago talking about making the transition from a serious blog and to using much more humor. 
Some time year ago (with many fits and starts and personal failures en route) I began to steer away from “serious” commentary. The world had enough overwrought hand-wringing. I thought it was good for the soul (in particular my soul) to let most of it go.

Longtime readers, I mean really long term, will probably have noticed that over the years I've tended to writing more about the shop, technical subjects and other lighter fare that I find more fun and interesting.  More and more, I find myself getting to the time of day when I sit down to write and can't think of anything to talk about.

I think the first time I used this illustration of an innocent cargo ship going over the edge of the world was in 2011, in A Short Course on Why the Economy Was  Going to Crap Anyway, Part 2

Maybe it's time to write a story about ducks or lesbian squirrels or something.  Nah... I was never any good at fiction writing.  

That "frustration and disillusionment with a world gone mad" is why I shifted my emphasis from writing about the problems with too big a government, central banks and the kinds of things I wrote about most in the first several years of the blog to the technical stuff like the shop things, radio articles, and space stories I've been highlighting lately.  They're the things I'm most interested in.  

I'm sick of disaster porn; both reading it and writing it.  I've been predicting an economic collapse since I started here in 2010, almost 100% based on reading predictions like that from perhaps a dozen different sources that said it was coming.  While I think we're closer to a worldwide economic collapse than ever, I won't put a date on it because that's all but guaranteed to be wrong.  To quote the Burning Platform up above, it's just a matter of when.  

In fact, when I first heard of the Great Reset, I thought it was a plan to deal with the fact that all the largest economies in the world were flooded with Keynesian spending-created debt and it was a way to address what happens when all of those big economies collapse.  It wasn't until I read more and found some of the true evil in the writings that I dropped my Pollyanna-ish optimism about these monsters. 

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. ”  Matthew 24:36, New International Version.  


  1. Frankly, I prefer the tech stuff like space, electronics etc. That is the main reason I come here. Same over at A. C.'s place, I enjoy the adventure posts. The heavy political crap is available in many other places, the uniqueness of this site and 4 or 5 like it is refreshing. Keeps me from turning into a complete social recluse.


  2. Yes...the fear porn gets very old and tiresome. Which is why their media whores push it nonstop. The mental fatigue this engenders makes it easier
    for them to do things without the heaving masses paying attention. They are evil, not stupid. Everything they do has a reason and is part of a long term plan.

  3. Today you can get a low-end CNC gantry mill for about $300. Imagine a 7 year old kid getting one as an educational toy.

    The hyperinflation will produce a debt jubilee and actually defund the police. Prepare now for what you want to do in the libertarian world soon to come. Safety tip: don't construct another government.

  4. I had to comment on, and link to this -

  5. "Situational fatigue" pretty well covers it, for me, anyway - along with change fatigue too. Small thing to some people, but one example is whether we all really needed a complete overhaul of our computer UI. (Yeah, tangent there.)

    In re. predicting the end, I was thinking the train was about derail back when TARP happened. (And, let's not forget that was at the end of the last Bush administration.) But it seems we haven't yet reached the end of our ruin in this nation.

    I'm seeing more of this weariness of bad news around various blogs and friends. And yet, it's difficult to ignore it all, since it's only natural to want to be informed of the things which are going to fall on one's head. I've cut back on my news and blog reading, especially the far-far right, which is now putting up some pretty whack-o stuff too. But I'm wary of too much "head in the sand" reaction as well.

    The end result of all this is a constant state of uncertainty. This, by itself, gets to be pretty fatiguing.

    I used to blog. If I took it up again, I don't know what I'd write about. I doubt I'd put in the level of energy I used to apply to it. But it was fun while it lasted.

  6. I strongly believe we are at the point that the only thing that will significantly affect the path we are on is for the people to seriously repent with prayer and fasting. Anything less will have minimal affect. The powers that be have so badly corrupted society, especially the youth with all of the evil they teach in the schools. All of the media brainwashing has destroyed most of the morality that was keeping our society from imploding.

    Thank you for all of your technical articles. They are a pleasant change from the gloom and doom. Still, the doom and gloom cannot be ignored, but it is sufficiently covered elsewhere.

  7. Look, if you aren't prepared by now, you aren't going to be able to make up the difference. Were that close.

    Keep writing, SiG - I peruse the usual doom&gloom sites, but also yours and others that have useful information other than The Sky Is Falling, which a one-eyed bling beggar could see. I look forward to your pontifications, personally...

  8. I had started down the road of answering everyone, but let me instead thank everyone who took the time to agree and encourage me to keep going. We finally had the SpaceX launch tonight that had been scrubbed and postponed for five days (I think). An article published today gave me good blog fodder for the day, so back to my usual beat.

  9. Entropy is both real, and inevitable.

    I can't save the world from the coming freefall.
    I can explain how to build and pack a parachute.

    Whether anyone decides to actually do it, or not, is entirely their own problem.

    Noah didn't try to convince anyone.
    He just built the ark as he was told.

  10. I always look forward to the Elon Musk pieces... keep it up. On the economic reality, lets just say that the markets topped out back near the 2001 time period if you measure the market by buying one of each stock in the DOW with gold. It took a lot of ounces to buy those shares back in 2001 but takes far fewer to do so today. Some would argue that we should only measure in dollars but I have to ask, "How is a dollar defined today"? It has no definition of value.