Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About That Whole Global Economic Collapse Thingy

May be sooner rather than later.   

First, Clive Maund does some pants-wetting technical analysis showing the big picture trends in several things: the S&P 500, copper, light sweet crude (oil), Shanghai, gold, silver, and more.  Can't say I've seen this much in one place. 

In my post on gold and inflation, I forgot to note that technical analysis is one of the things I decided to study in the period when I was trying to make more sense of things and get better performance out of my retirement savings (roughly 2000-2004).  I define TA as drawing lines and curves on charts of financial performance and then assuming those lines and curves mean something

Then Mish over at "Mish's Global Trend Analysis" does an overview piece of just a few more contributors to the mess.  Oh, just little things like the Euro collapsing.  Nothing to see here.  Move along. 

OK, so maybe global collapse and financial Armageddon is a bit much.  I just don't think I'd go long on any markets right about now. 

In the famous words of Kevin Bacon in Animal House

(note in some weird way, the blog will now become part of the "six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon" and show up in some 23rd century anthropologist's paper about the great collapse of the early 21st century)

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