Saturday, June 26, 2010

Normalcy Returns To Castle Graybeard

The kitchen sink is back in.  Water is running.  The disposal works.  The dishwasher is back.


I haven't commented on this because I usually post on bigger topics, but for the last month we have been without a kitchen.  The start of this goes back to early April. One evening, Mrs. Graybeard and I were standing on the back porch watering the planters full of tomatoes and peppers.  When I turned off the hose and started toward the back porch door, I noticed some pavers were wet in a place I had not been watering.  "That's odd", I said, in what turned out to be the opening of a story still playing out.

To make the long story short, we had a dishwasher that leaked badly.  Because we had a tile floor installed, the water never leaked out in front of the dishwasher where we'd see it, but instead pooled and ran slightly downhill to drain out the back doors under the door frame.  After it soaked up the backs of cabinets that you can't see into because of all the stuff in them.  Cabinets were rotten and moldy, drywall had to come out down to bare concrete block.  It was a real, serious mess. We had to hire a contractor and file a homeowners' claim.  We have never had to do either of those things before.

This week the cabinets went in, then the countertop and sink.  Today it all got hooked up to running water, and life is closer to back to normal. Still work to do, but at least we have a sink.

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