Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Warning

BMO Capital Markets says, "Go to cash in plain English". 

Mish has a translation into "Non Financial Guy" although the original link is pretty good, too.  From the BMO piece:


We see credit crisis II as just beginning. Few markets are untouched. Few signs of optimism can be seen. We are now at the tipping point when the crisis becomes more obvious. Markets will get more dangerous during this phase.

We advocate a zero weight toward equity, and that investors convert their equity positions to cash.

We will continue to provide updates in our daily Market Elements, Relative Strength Filter, and our topical Focal Points publications.
Gee didn't Helicopter Ben say everything is just peachyCan't understand why people might want to buy gold? 
Asked whether a double-dip recession is likely, Mr. Bernanke repeated a reassurance he offered Monday that he doesn’t think so. The Fed is forecasting moderate growth in the 3.5% range, with modest declines in unemployment, and it’s sticking with that forecast. An important transition could be underway for the economy — away from government support and toward private demand, he noted. That’s a formula for continuing expansion.

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