Monday, June 28, 2010

It Isn't Really Going to Help...

..that whole "Obama is really a Muslim" meme to go away to call him "America's Educator-in-Chief on Islam".  Not when it can be construed to be supporting "anti-defamation" laws against Islam when you can get jailed (or worse) for merely having a Christian Bible in Muslim nations.  Or it can be construed that the US President is advocating for Sharia law in Europe (at the least).
...Hussain has now divulged that the U.S. will support the OIC (= Organization for the Islamic Conference) in the latter’s United Nations effort to criminalize “defamation of religion” – widely perceived as a measure to suppress criticism of Muslim practices that violate human rights.  “The OIC and the Obama administration will work together in the UN on the issue of defamation of religion, especially in Europe,” said Hussain.
No sir.  It really looks like he must be Muslim.  And it really reinforces Andrew Thomas' article on American Thinker

Hat tip to John at Improved Clinch.

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