Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worth Pondering

A while back, I asked Will You Recognize the World in the Fall of 2010?  I have written on this before that and quoted it in that posting. 

The most important pieces of that article were based on blog entries from Israel on Sense of Events.  They have a guest blogger today with more thoughts on the likelihood of war between Israel and the countries aligned against them. 

Like them, I pray I am wrong, but I fear I am not. 

The vast majority of America is not expecting this.  It will be a shock.  Consider that regular gas is around $3 per gallon now when oil is $75 a barrel.  Consider what happens if oil hits $250: the same percentage make it  $10/gal.  It's not just your cost to go to work; what about the fleet of trucks that supply your groceries?  The cost of your groceries won't necessarily go up by 3.33 times, but it will go up.  The cost of everything will go up.  Everything. 

Now consider you might still have months to prepare for this event.  If there really is a chance of it happening, shouldn't you do something to prepare?  Even if you bought a little extra food every week, what's the down side of that, other than a little expense now to possibly save a ton of expense later?  Lots of details on how to prepare here and here.


  1. I really can't help but wonder if the Big Zero has the U.S. aligned with Israel, or against.

    You can't trust the lame stream media to report the truth, if they report on certain subjects at all. And, we know our fearless leader will not take a course that will benefit the U.S. or our friends.

    About all we can do is pray.


  2. It's an interesting question, and deeper than I thought.

    There are reports from the region, semi-reliable, that we have moved a Navy group to the area around the blockade to help, and are massing both people and material in Azerbaijan. The Navy is supposedly helping just by being an intimidating presence. Iran did back down from their initial claim they were going to escort blockaded ships into Gaza.

    OTOH, there are also reports some of our State Department weenies are saying we should shoot down the Israelis if they fly over an inch of Iraqi space.