Saturday, November 27, 2010

And How Was Your Black Friday/Weekend?

Junior Deputy Accountant, whom I respect a lot, wrote a piece celebrating Buy Nothing Day.  I think this is a good "money quote", if you'll pardon the pun:
As many of you already know, today is Black Friday which means stampedes, possible death, fistfights over the last $99  50" LCD TV (sorry, there were only 2 in stock anyway) and waiting in line just to get your grubby little paws on a 75% off bedroom set.
To borrow a really different quote, "Homey don't play that".  I have never gotten up at oh-dark-thirty to be in line at any store long before they open, so that I can bolt inside like I'm dragging up the rear at the Running of the Bulls in Pamploma.  There ain't enough money in the world.

But the folks at Buy Nothing Day, and the folks who want to make buying nothing longer, or permanent, bother me.  I don't have any problems with commerce or capitalism, and they seem to have plenty of problems with both. If you don't feel like going shopping, wonderful; if you're the kind of person who feels you have to show that you're superior to people who are shopping, not so wonderful.  If their sense of self-worth comes from cutting other people down, that's pretty pathological.

In my case, I didn't go near a mall or physical store, but I took advantage of some online sales to buy some odds and ends I'd been watching for, anyway.  No sense paying full price if it's on sale for a few days, right?  Plus I like being able to shop sitting around in gym shorts and socks (I know - too much information). 

Due to "adult situations" wildly beyond our control, we have not had anything like our traditional Thanksgiving this year.  Tomorrow we'll roast a Turkey, while we watch the other turkeys play football. 

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