Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finishing Touches

The engraving step for my home-built AR is complete.  The logo I came up with:

and an overall shot of the finished rifle:
Why a cartoon cat?  All of the major parts in my homebrew AR, except for the lower receiver that I finished, are DPMS parts.  That is, the finished upper, and the parts kit in the lower are DPMS; the stock is a generic multi-position stock.  DPMS has a fierce-looking panther as its logo, so I figured a not-so-fierce looking version of Mojo, our white cat, would be a nice touch.  I originally was going to go with a name like "Moe's Firearms", but that takes up room and there's just not a lot of room there.  

To create the logo, I found a cartoon called "how to draw a cat" and used the cat.  Opened the .gif in my CAD program, traced it, saved it as a 2D .dxf file, imported that into the CAM program DeskCNC, created g-code and after a test on a piece of scrap brass, did the rifle lower.  Took about 15 minutes at the overly cautious rate of 1/2 inch per minute engraving speed.  As the French say, "wah-lah". 
Yesterday, I found a pretty good deal on a Nikon Monarch rifle scope - at, of all places - so I will soon have a nice Nikon on it. 

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