Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Headlines Over the Weekend

One was that several people were injured in Black Friday sales.  The other was that online shopping was up 16%.  What a surprise.

I mean, which would you rather do - get trampled or possibly stabbed, or sit around in your bunny slippers,  one-click buying? 


  1. Black Friday tramplings are a symptom of the sickness that affects our society. I find it ironic that the day after "The Day for Giving Thanks" is known as Black Friday - my how thankful we are.

    Unfortunately black Friday shoppers also seem to be driven by the same ignorance (willful or not) that's allowing our country to be taken over by the banksters and their cronies.

    God help us!

  2. The name "Black Friday" always bothered me, but I guess it's supposed to mean the merchants generate profit - getting in the black instead of staying in the red.

    Black *day is usually used as a term for really bad things, like black Monday when the market crashed, and the term black Friday in industry usually means a day when there are layoffs.

    But to your point - I can't imagine being so attracted by some sort of discount on something that I would trample someone. That's beyond sick...