Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If You Like Song Parodies

Then you must see Iowahawk's latest (first?) parody video:

So what's really going on with the Junk In The Trunk pat downs?  And wouldn't Pat Downs be a better name for the director of Homeland Security than Janet Napolitano?  (I have to say, John Pistole is pretty good name for the head of the TSA, though).   Glenn Beck thinks the whole thing is to get the TSA to become the "poor abused workers" who have to be unionized through the AFL-CIO.  Tam (View From the Porch) points to an article that supports that thinking. 

I wrote more about this a few days ago.  Considering the anti-business attitudes of everyone in the administration I can think of,  they have the lowest aggregate experience in the private sector in at least a hundred years, the possibility that they are deliberately trying to collapse the airline industry can't be dismissed.  It would give the Fed.gov a new industry (add it to the banks, auto industry, health care, top-end insurance), reduce the air travel carbon footprint, kill off more citizens (due to the higher accident fatality rate driving than flying) and it would solidify their destruction of the productive class.  Sounds like a natural. 
Hat tip to lawyer/law professor Ann Althouse for this:

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