Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russia to Drill for Oil Off Florida's Keys

(H/T to Babalu)  While the Obama administration has stopped oil exploration and new well drilling in US waters, that hasn't stopped governments with "a lick of sense" (as they say where I grew up). From the NY Times:
MOSCOW — The Russian energy giant Gazprom has joined a growing list of companies that plan to drill for oil in the waters off Cuba, close to the United States but out of reach of its safety regulators. 
and if that doesn't make you a little queasy:
Russian oil firms, which operate mostly on land in Siberia, have little expertise offshore and have sought to form partnerships to gain experience.
Oh, great.  A bunch of people drilling in the gulf who have "little expertise" in offshore oil drilling.  What can possibly go wrong?  

The administration is still living under the delusion (demonstrably false) that the "green energy economy" is going to rescue us.  In doing so, they have condemned us to slavery to the OPEC cartel, and a continuation of all the problems that come with that.  Strangely, the idea seems to be that pollution and oil spills are alright if they happen to dark-skinned people elsewhere in the world, but we wouldn't want them here.  I would say Obama is racist, but it seems that this has been our policy for decades.  Maybe it's just environmentalists that are racist. 

The world runs on oil, and it will do so until something better and cheaper comes along.  It's not coming next week, it's not coming next year, and I'll bet it's not here for another 20 years.  No magical unicorn farts.  Just oil. 
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  1. Inexperienced Russians drilling for oil in the Caribbean. That's cool because the Russian are, like, our buddies now right? International cooperation and stuff. I have to wonder how the West Africans felt about our companies drilling off of their coasts. (Not like anyone gave a flip what they thought) Its all about energy density, and right now nothing beats oil - nothing even comes close. Speaking in terms of energy, it cheaper to produce and packs more into less space/weight than anything else.

    I've observed a number of self-proclaimed environmentalists that are in fact NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard). As long as it happens somewhere else, its not on my conscience. They'll fight tooth and nail to keep the dirty work far enough away that they don't have to feel guilty about it. You know, out of site out of mind.

    My 8 year old daughter saw the picture of the unicorn fart cake and exclaimed, "I want that cake for my birthday!"